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[Red]Icej-A warrior born into a poor farming family living in the Qeynos farm area, dreaming to be a warrior, but couldn't as he was forced to help with the crops so his parents and sibilings could eat. Until one day his family's farm was attacked by gnolls. Icej fought a gnoll with a farmer's pick killing the gnoll he was exicted and with joy, but it was abruptly interrputed as he was figthing the gnolls the rest of the gnolls killed the rest of his family and when he picked up the insagina of the dead gnoll , he looked at the white paw and was filled with anger he let out a cry. He deiced to full fill his dream of becoming a warrior for him and get revenge for his family, So he travled by road but got lost for several days but made it to Qeynos and went to the Guard House of Qeynos and joined the guild as a Warrior.[/Red]

Location: the death filled snowplain of the north