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In his youth, the adventurous Zul'Frieze found himself lost in Ashenvale and would have died there had it not been for the help of a kind Night Elf. Under her tutelage, he learned a respect for nature and nurtured a deep love for mankind uncommon in his bretheren. Near the time he came of age, he returned to Sen'Jin to begin his trials and set off into the world. After many months adventuring and seeking glory, a decidedly more bitter troll has surfaced, hellbent on abolishing the legion and changing the mindset of those who see his kind as bloodthirsty and unsophisticated. He often stops to help troubled people he passes, which gets him into trouble more often than not with members of the alliance who cannot see past his battered tusks and beady, observant eyes. His only companion is a blackwind sabrecat, scarred and battle-hardened, a deadly beast with claws that glisten like black diamonds and eyes that belie the gentler beast behind the rugged shell.

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