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Danael Grew Up in San D'oria, and even though she was a Hume, she Always felt at home there. She always wanted to see the Vana'diel, but since her parents were not in the upper society, she had to work from a very young age to help her family. What was even more depresing to her was that her brother was suffering from a mysterious disease. All of San D'Oria doctors saw him and never could give a diagnostic. He was coughing up blood regularly, and had the strength of a 5 year old girl at 23....... There are rumors that some Taru Taru doctors in windhurst have cured the disease somehow. Danael knew her parents were not able to afford the trip, and she had to do her part. Adventuring seemed a good way to do it, because by running errands for the castle, she had some training with bored guards during 16 years..... And now, her dream of seeing the world is about the begin, and many many things await her in the world of Vana'diel....