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=-I'm jakal... yea... Blackjakal... yea the same Jakal that solo'ed a VT volcanic gas at lvl 58 for his coffer key.. Yea the same Jakal that trained 10 Elder goobues in boyhada and lived to talk about it... Yea the same Jakal that you didn't like just because his job was "Gimped" and his marcos in /emotes... yea the same one that you look up to today and said... "Damn I missed out"...-= I like this game for the ppl that play it, lately thats been at a low lvl experience with the gil sellers and the high lvl ppl that think lvl 75 makes them jesus by multipules, but I'm here for a while, a good friend of mines, Xigence left me his account, I'm willing to help anyone that asks, unless you meant my bad side that is, then I'll just be mean to you ^^ (A nice kinda mean, you'll see >.>;). Been in in a few hurricanes recently, but I'm fine, and I'm back! +If god is infalliable, could he create a boulder so heavy, that not even he could not lift?+

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