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Tarmus of Bastok held the rank of "Master Samurai", expertly trained in the deadly arts of Samurai combat, specializing in Great Katana and Sword. He was based out of the Republic of Bastok, primarily because they're usually more... shall we say, lenient of borderline criminal behavior. Tarmus was a known smuggler, drifter, opportunistic-type, reportedly affiliated with the Tenshodo. His friends and party members were given Tarmus' utmost respect, since they took the place of his own family, who were reportedly killed during a Beastmen invasion force, while Tarmus was away on "business". Late at night, in some of the more disreputable taverns around Vana'diel, normally reserved tongues are loosened. After the mead takes hold, you can hear various travellers tell tales of Tarmus, all generally versions on a theme: saying Tarmus was cheated out of a "very profitable plan" of some mysterious sort. The veil of conspiracy that surrounds Tarmus reaches all the way to the Deuchy of Jeuno, possibly (probably?) even to the hallowed halls of the Palace of the Archduke himself. While everyday fame and glory seem to be Tarmus' primary goals, there is something else motivating him. Is it merely revenge, the desire to reclaim what Tarmus feels is rightly his? Or something more... elaborate? Whatever it is, Tarmus isn't talking about it. Either way, anyone who crosses paths with Tarmus are sure of an adventure to remember. Those that win his favor and trust will no doubt be rewarded with the fame, profit and experience that only a Master Samurai can provide. To his enemies: a swift and merciless death, and the welcoming touch of a cold, nameless grave.

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