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American Government ----------------------- No restraints are placed upon an invidual false Which of these Indvidual led Jefferson If an invidual writes a letter to Speech Which Freedom allows someone to voice Speech Which of these freedoms is excercised Petition 1-10 amenments Bill of Rights Imagine that two individuals are both guilty Fifth Imagine that a person is imprisoned for Sixth The Bill of Rights is formed by 1-10 The Enumerated rights are in place true there are no exceptions to majority rule false Enumerated rights are those rights that are written Bill of Rights accomplished It guaranteed invididuals What sustains the Bill of Rights Majority Rules The Bill of Rights was written as Amendments ~~~~~~~~~~~ Which clause establishes supre~ supremacy clause The process of amending the constitution four..? US constiution gives power to National Government The right a United states citizen full faith and credit all something have republican form Four aritcle 2 deals with Executive King WIlliam signed English Bill of Rights Magna carta influenced americans Philosphers of age of reason both answers are correct Law enforcements to ensure domestic tranquility Head starts~ to promote the general welfare The article established the United States Article 3 Congress discussed in none of the answers Treason is the only crime mentioned 3/4 states had to ratify Articles of Confed gave powers to state Protects rights of everone = establish justice Relations between states are 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Proven not guilty and not tried again Fifth amendment Writing something about someone is libel Fourth protects against search and seizure First amendments protects assemblys ~~~~~~~~~ there was no income tax The twelfth amendment to the constitution Harrison Poll taxes and literacy tests Jim Crow The income tax amendment true in 1896 in the case of Plessy vs Ferguson In the 1800s people could true the proces of allowing blacks and whites integration All american citizens true Jim crow laws true false School integrating = Fourteenth Which Amendment did Southern states Thirteenth All Male citizens over the age of 21 Fifteenth The first amendment to change Twelfth If you sue a state state The Eleventh false During what decade did the 1950s Prior to the passage of the Sixteenth true 3/5 slaves = Fourteenth As a Citezen of Alabama Eleventh Seneators People Elected= Seveneteenth A person cannot be forced to work ~ Thirteenth The first amendment to change the method ~ Twelfth ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` President William Henry Harrison ~ True The First state to give women right ~ Wyoming When an amendment is removed ~ repealed Document was written in 1848 ~ Women's bill of rights Prohibition was familar ~ Eighteenth 20th amendment = Lame Duck Wrote to her husband ~ Abigail A Tax that had to be paid ~ Poll Which amendment liited a person to two ~ 22nd amendment The amendment gave women right to vote ~ Nineteenth The amendment revoked eighteenth amendment twenty first The Twenty-sixth Amendment gives citizens ~false The Twenty-seventh Amendment adresses ~ Salaries the Amendment established the procedure to vice pres. ~ Twenty-Fifth Which amendment banned poll taxes Twenty - Fourth Congres has considered over seven thousand amendments Congress placed no time limit True The amendendment banned liqour ~ eighteenth Six of the 26 false some states refused to ratify - True How many amendments officially been proposed 33 COngress can propose true What is a term used for approving ~ ratification Once an amendment has been ratified ~ false In order to become an amendment ~ 75% By which other name 18 ~ prohibition What fraction of the members of each house of ~ 2/3 When 2/3 of both houses they