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Saisai is a man from Bastok, who was picked up off the street when he was 6. He was trained and raised by Pikosuke Haima, a samurai master of the eastern fighting style, Miyazuki. He trained rigourously to attain prowess with the sword. His master, Haima sent him to a tournament and Saisai won in first place, gaining a great amount of respect. Two years later he and his master were cornered in port Bastok on their way out of the pub by Kiyomaru Mouneshi, the 2nd place fighter in the tournament. He and his friends ambushed Saisai and Haima. Haima sacrificed himself to save Saisai and his last words were, "a noble samurai such as yourself deserves a better name," he gasped "you are Pykoshiro Haima, a master of the Miyazuki style.". With those final words he said he grabbed and threw Pykohiro into the water on that windy night. A week later without any any signs of life Pykoshiro drifted to the seas to be saved by pirates of the cove town Norg. Brought back to the cove town he needed to get stronger and so the Miyazuki Style master made alliances with many of adventurers. Vital data: Name: Pykoshiro 'Pyko' Haima Height: 6'2 Weight: 183 lbs Age: 19 (born 864 CE) Hair: Black Eyes: Red Weapon(s): Great Katana, swords. DoB: Thundermonth(November) 17. Favorite foods: Rice balls, Sausage, Pumpernickel and Melon Juice. Nation of Birth: Bastok. Master: Pikosuke Haima Style: Miyazuki.

Location: A campfire on the outskirts of a city