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Summoned by those in need I was ripped from my world into the Shiva Universe of Vana'diel, one of many versions or so those who summoned me claim. Along with my wife and our two best friends, we looked around at our new home and swore to defend it from evil. My wife took the path of the healer, my friend took the path of the body, his wife took the path of the dark arts. I started off taking the path of the dark arts, but then the Goddess Altana asked me to pick up the sword and shield to be the protector of the innocent. So I became a paladin in her name, yet something didn't quite go right with my transformation. So now when the moon is gone from the skies, I fight evil with spells, and when the moon is heavy in the sky I fight with honor and valor. This is our story. May it end in victory.

Location: Shiva