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Like many things in this world, being a Paladin is a calling. It takes one of noble character, unable to refuse a cry for help, jumping into the frey without concern for his/her own life or limb. Kaldolur Britebeard has received such a calling. He travels the length and bredth of the world, doing good wherever he can. He only seeks out those who know (and show) the meaning of words such as honor, respect and courage, to travel with. He refuses to associate with or do business with those who exhibit the disgusting qualities of greed, rudeness and cowardice. Although he has completed many quests in his journeys, he remains on one quest inparticular that he seldom speaks about. Many years ago, during the infamous Dwarven-Goblin Wars, Kal was seperated from his wife and children. He returned from the wars to find their humble home in Kaladim a blackened and smoking hull. There has been no evidence come to light to indicate that his wife (whom he affectionately calls 'Dinkie') and his children are still alive, but Kaldolur is not without hope. He prays that someday they will be reunited once again, even if it takes his entire life. Until that day comes, keep an eye out for a stout, yet short, dwarven paladin in brilliant plate armor fighting valiantly and helping wherever he is able. And don't worry about that perpetual scowl that creases his brow. If you greet him politely in friendship, you may just win a friend for life.