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MNK {All Right!} {Defeat This One First} Cool as hell dude will lend a hand to anyone that isn't an ass, and isn't trying to do something completely idiotic. Holla at ya boi! Rl Friends on Kujata are Brett, Minitti, Connimus, Derek,Lavinos. Good In-game Friends, All of HeroesofLegends & Harmony Ls Countless others Poeguine, Leyla<3, Pedrozadamas,Pedrozagabriel Takk,Chibichanga,Popoz(no longer with us),Dcbeats,Cemantics,Tackity,Katsume,Cristina,Menehune,Utena, Arwenn,Umushi,Elfkin,Kalandu, Dratan,Redoctober,Lydia,Godhimself,Jaydin,Kalandu,Decker.just off the top..whoever else that didnt get honorable mention.. {Please Forgive Me} /tell me if ya need something \m/

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