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Hirilonde was born in Bastok to hume immigrants from San D'oria, a former Royal Knight and a White Mage from the Temple of Altana. His parents left San D'oria after the war, fleeing discrimination and distrust during the war with Bastok. During the Shadow Campaign, when San D'oria was Bastok's ally, his mother joined the Iron Musketeers, lending her skills as a former Royal Knight, and his father served in the medical tents healing the wounded. Hirilonde grew up steeped in the traditions and beliefs of knighthood, tempered by his mother's belief that San D'oria's pride and arrogance was the cause of many of their problems, and that a knight above all had to avoid becoming 'too serious'. She had a wry sense of humour, though when it came down to it, her dedication to protecting others was unquestionable. Hirilonde inherited her spirit, quick with a joke, slow to anger, but when driven to fight, relentless and tireless, and willing to lay down his life for others without hesitation. When he was old enough he travelled to San D'oria to learn to become a Paladin. Although he has always felt a certain connection with the cool forests of the Ronafure, his heart has always belonged to Bastok. He has done numerous missions for the government of Bastok, and even formed a corps of volunteer adventurers nicknamed the 'Rusty Musketeers', who work to secure areas from beastman control.

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