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Saitou was a member of the Shinsengumi, known as Wolf of Mibu. He fought to keep the Shogunate the way it was. Always with his motto "Aku Soku Zan" in english "Kill Evil Immediatly". When the Shogunate was defeated and the Meiji Era born, he became a police officer, still dubbing the same motto as when he was part of the Shinsengumi. Saitou Married to a woman named Tokio (there is like no information about her what so ever) and in a way has an adopted son Eiiji. His arch rivel, Kenshin as he knows as the Battousai started their feud when he was fighting for a new government as Saitou to keep the current government. This battle they had at that time landed in a draw. tens years later when Saitou was in the police force, he was to test Kenshin's ability to see if he can fight a mad man named Shishio. During their battle both went beserk and went back to the past, thinking they would kill each other. Their battle was stopped some governtment official. Again their battle ended in a draw...even though Kenshin was getting his rear handed ^^. At that they where known as allies till Shihio was defeated. but to go further would only ruin the rest for you wouldnt it, so I suggest you watch the series and see what happens to the two.

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