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I'm a very immaginative person I work hard to make new things out of what is already been made. In Free Realms I like to do lots of Explorations and I keep a friendly enviorment to help the other players in need. I know many shortcuts and tips to various quests and LV Ups. So if anyoen ever gets stucked one of my tips might help a bit. I only know what I have because of other players, and I believe in true respect towards others achievements so be sure nothing I know comes from my achievements but from other's hard work. I been playing video games since I was little, I'm 17 years old and I'm willing to help those who need a heads up into whats goign on. Oh and I need help too, so don't forget to ask if I need any help as well. Kindness is an option here. PS: Everything that I said up there may or may not be truth depending on my state of humor. LOL No Really I mean it. LOL We can't all be perfect. Hope to see some new faces.

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