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o.O Once upon a time, there was a boy who was utterly fed up with the evils of the world. He cried often for the state of being of all people, for the things that were permitted and even smiled upon, and for the utter rejection of ancient values and God-given wisdom. <(o.o)> Therefore, he resolved to do his best to stand upright and live true to those old values, and to defend them as best he could, and also, to help others see that he did not want to be against them, but he had to be against what they did; that his motivation for arguing with them was that he wanted them to see the truth and to find their true value as human beings. ^^ Time passed, and he found allies and friends aplenty; not all agreed with him on those matters of the heart and spirit, in fact, many outright disagreed and rejected his view - but he resolved to work on that too. ^_~ <(o.o)> Thus Eagleheart was born, to be a light unto the world, as he was commanded of old. Venturing out into the world, he gripped his rudimentary sword and shield, straightened the thin cloth that served as armor, and strode forth to bring 'evangelion' to all people. U(o.o)>={===> And of his adventures and deeds in the beautiful world of Vana'Diel, this tale tells. (o.o)>===}{========> /em says "Jesus loves you."

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