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Hello, thank you for viewing my profile, as many of you know I am a RDM BLM and SMN 75 on Pandemonium. I play for Kara LS and have really been enjoying my time there. If you're on Pandy, send me a tell if you ever need help, when I'm not doing LS events I'm normally really bored and willing to help with something no matter how juvinile it may seem. My Current goals are meriting and improving my RDM gear, then I'll change to BLM and try to focus on that if I can, but that may be a bit hard depending on how many others are planning to do the same. I'm going to finish my 8/8 elemental now that those new caps are out, as well as try some of the new Einherjar as well as try and keep up with everything else going on in this virus known as FFXI!

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