March 08, 2006

New Quests: The Path of the Protector

Updated Items: FrostbiteSash of the Burning HeartScouting BootsHigh Councillor's BracersThreshadon FangMinor Healing PotionGranite RingDual Reinforced LeggingsNogg's Gold RingMarshal's Dreadweave LeggingsMarsh ChainSaber LeggingsZandalar Illusionist's MantleBonecaster's ShroudFine Leather BeltHuge Venom SacPattern: Tough Scorpid HelmBlack Whelp ScaleGravestone War AxeHandbook of Backstab IXPristine Black DiamondSix of PortalsSchematic: Flawless Arcanite RifleWindchaser OrbPledge of Loyalty: StormwindFrost OilDrakeclaw BandPeacekeeper GauntletsHighlander's Leather BootsHighlander's Chain GreavesThoughtblighterDarkmoon Card: Twisting NetherHeavy Leather BallHelm of the MountainDragonstalker's BracersBloodfang BeltCenarion BootsBeaststalker's TunicMarshal's Plate LegguardsKnight-Captain's Dragonhide TunicKnight-Captain's Leather ArmorKnight-Lieutenant's Chain GauntletsIronhide GreavesFormidable LegguardsRidgeback BracersPathfinder BracersBlasthorn BowLong Battle BowLofty LegguardsNecropile RobeGeomancer's CapLord Alexander's Battle AxeIvory BandAtal'ai SpauldersHyperion VambracesOrnate BreastplateCouncillor's RobesFortified CloakForgotten WrapsSentinel CloakGlyphed BootsGlyphed MittsSilver-thread SashImperial Leather BracersMithril BarShepherd's GlovesBright GlovesTranquil RingNifty StopwatchWarped CloakAxe of the Deep WoodsFormula: Brilliant Wizard OilPattern: Blood Tiger BreastplateRecipe: Living Action PotionField Marshal's Silk SpauldersIcecapStormwind Guard's CardBurnside RifleTrindlehaven StaffSparkleshell LegguardsSupreme BreastplateThermotastic Egg TimerArcane BootsBear ShawlBloodcallerImposing VestBlackforge LeggingsHarvester's RobeMountainside BucklerTellurium BandArchimtiros' Ring of ReckoningFriar's Robes of the LightRazor AxeDetention StrapBlastershot LauncherClay RingNemesis Leggings

Updated Quests: The Master's GlaiveThe Royal Rescue

Updated Mobs: Galak Outrunner


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