World of Warcraft Collector's Edition Giveaway

Wow what a contest! The World of Warcraft Collector's Edition has been hard to find almost from the day the game got released, and is simply not available in any stores anywhere right now (even the regular editions are almost impossible to find). Copies of this are going on EBay for over $200 each. Recently, EB Games discovered a couple hundred Collector's Editions in their warehouse and we were able to buy 10 of them before they were quickly sold off for $150 each on their site. Now we are giving those copies away. This may well be your best chance to get a copy of this game for months. Interested? Check out this link for more details. Click more link to see today's awesome update! New Items: Recipe: Flask of Supreme PowerRunic Plate HelmSupreme Shoes22 Pound LobsterRunic Plate BootsPlans: Runic Plate BootsWarbringer's Shield

New Quests: Leggings of Arcana

Updated Items: Mantle of DoanHypnotic BladeIvycloth SashLoose Chain GlovesIllusionary RodTrouncing BootsRobe of DoanBanded GauntletsArchaic DefenderSoul ShardRecipe: Blood SausageScorpid ScaleGryphon Rider's LeggingsCrest of SupremacyTwilight RobeBonelink HelmetLord's PauldronsGloves of Holy MightEmbossed Plate HelmetOdo's Ley StaffSteel Plate HelmTigerstrike MantleRhombeard ProtectorRobe of PowerHook DaggerFortified ChainHigh Bergg HelmWrangler's WrapsChausses of WestfallSeer's CapeShield of ThorsenMerciless CrownDestinyWarden StaffWall of the Dead

Updated Quests: The Dark Iron WarThe Lost IngotsLightforge IronSkullsplitter TusksRumors for KravelEncroaching Wildlife... and BugsDriftwoodThe Doomed FleetLook To The StarsLook To The StarsSeeking WisdomLook To The StarsFavor for KrazekColonel KurzenRaene's CleansingThe Powers Below The Tome of ValorA Dark Threat LoomsA Dark Threat LoomsLifting the CurseTherylune's EscapeDream Dust in the SwampDelivery to the GnomesThe RumormongerInduriumGoblin SponsorshipGoblin SponsorshipGoblin SponsorshipThe Barrens OasesJourney to Darkshore!Pridewings of StonetalonSkulk Rock Clean-up {Faction}Jorn SkyseerPoor Old BlanchyThe Coast Isn't ClearGyro... What?Journey to the CrossroadsZhevra DependenceStolen SilverWildmane CleansingPlainstrider Menace The Brassbolts BrothersRuuzelTome of DivinityResearching the CorruptionThe Ancient StatuetteOn Guard in StonetalonWild HeartsThe Hunter's WayZinge's DeliveryPlagued LandsGyromast's RevengeTharnariun's Hope Speak with ColemanA Gnome's RespiteThe Tower of AlthalaxxBashal'AranThe Absent Minded ProspectorThe Tower of AlthalaxxElixir of SufferingThe WeaverTools of the HighborneDeviate EradicationFor Love EternalJourney to Orgrimmar!Buzzbox 827Some Assembly RequiredVelinde StarsongJourney to Booty Bay!More Wasteander JusticeWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}Deliver to McKinley Gahz'rilla Supplies for Nethergarde Noxious Lair InvestigationWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}The Brassbolts BrothersMartek the ExiledWharfmaster DizzywigWar BannersHighperch VenomLook To The StarsApprentice's DutiesRites of the EarthmotherA Task UnfinishedPoison WaterCall of EarthCall of EarthAttack on Camp NaracheCall of EarthWinterhoof CleansingThe Defias BrotherhoodBride of the EmbalmerTranslate Abercrombie's NoteThe Lost SuppliesThe Absent Minded ProspectorOnuCave MushroomsTharnariun's HopeA Lost MasterThe Master's GlaiveRaene's CleansingProtecting the ShipmentAfter the AmbushResupplying the ExcavationPowder to IronbandOrmer's RevengeUncovering the PastExcavation Progress ReportReport to IronforgeRedleaf Tubers Jin'Zil's Forest MagicFurther InstructionsThe Test of RighteousnessReclaimed TreasuresInto The Scarlet MonasteryTome of DivinityThe Tome of ValorThe Test of RighteousnessJourney to Orgrimmar!Journey to Grom'gol!Seeking the Kor GemRaene's CleansingAt War With The Scarlet CrusadeFields of GriefA New PlagueA Recipe For DeathThe Hidden NicheThe Tower of AlthalaxxReclaiming the Charred ValePridewings of StonetalonRite of StrengthA Humble TaskRites of the EarthmotherA Humble TaskFields of GriefNight Web's HollowA Putrid TaskHow Big a Threat?Bitter RivalsThe Legend of StalvanMurdalocFarren's ProofThe Legend of StalvanFarren's ProofDown the CoastThe Legend of StalvanHints of a New Plague?The Legend of StalvanFarren's ProofScroungingSyndicate AssassinsPearl DivingNorthfold ManorA Sign of HopeA Sign of HopeA Dwarf and His ToolsMiragesBartolo's Yeti Fur CloakThe Legend of StalvanCrushridge BountyWanted! Marez CowlThe Thandol SpanPlea To The AllianceSolution to DoomThe Thandol SpanThe Legend of StalvanThe Thandol SpanA Grim TaskIn the Name of the LightFoul MagicsThe Flying Machine Airport Gann's ReclamationLost DeathstalkersThe Dead FieldsCall to ArmsThe Crown of WillCompendium of the FallenSigil of StromMok'Thardin's EnchantmentFoul MagicsThe Defense of Grom'golSteelsnapParts of the SwarmA Vengeful FateTest of EnduranceCall to ArmsThe Swarm GrowsThe Vile ReefParts of the SwarmBloody Bone NecklacesGuile of the RaptorHunt for YennikuTrollbaneElixir of AgonyHammerfallThe Hunter's WayThunderhorn TotemThe Hunt BeginsThe Hunt ContinuesThe BattleboarsKeep An Eye OutFavor for KrazekThe Bloodsail BuccaneersVoodoo DuesThe Princess TrappedSpecial ForcesThe Green Hills of StranglethornWorgen in the WoodsThe Bloodsail BuccaneersScaring ShakyAkiris by the BundleSinging Blue ShardsThe Captain's ChestThe Bloodsail BuccaneersSupply and DemandZanzil's SecretBloodscalp EarsHostile TakeoverInvestigate the CampThe Haunted IsleTroll WitcheryDeliver to McKinleyScarab ShellsTroll TemperWANTED: Andre FirebeardGadgetzan Water SurveyMore Wasteander JusticeAkiris by the BundleChapter IIAnsirem's KeyKrazek's CookeryMagical AnalysisChapter IVSkulk Rock Clean-up {Faction}Troll Necklace Bounty {Faction}"Pretty Boy" DuncanReturn to Corporal KalebWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}Noxious Lair InvestigationDivino-matic RodWastewander JusticeReturn to MacKinleyUp to SnuffChapter IIIThe Second RebellionBad MedicineChapter IWelcome to the JungleStoley's DebtCracking Maury's FootWhiskey Slim's Lost GrogStranglethorn FeverIn Defense of the King's LandsThe Tower of AlthalaxxIn Defense of the King's LandsRaene's CleansingIn Defense of the King's LandsIn Defense of the King's LandsCulling the ThreatCrocilisk HuntingJourney to Stonetalon PeakFiora LongearsFilthy PawsThe People's MilitiaThe Trogg ThreatThe People's MilitiaThe Defias BrotherhoodThe Absent Minded ProspectorThe Tower of AlthalaxxThe Coast Isn't ClearThe Algaz GauntletA Dark Threat LoomsOn Guard in StonetalonThe Absent Minded ProspectorCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureRed Silk BandanasA Dark Threat LoomsBathran's HairThe Defias BrotherhoodHow Big a Threat?The Fall of Ameth'AranBashal'AranWolves at Our HeelsA Dark Threat LoomsA Dark Threat LoomsA Dark Threat LoomsThe Zoram StrandThe Shadowy FigureReturn to SvenDaily DeliveryInquire at the InnYoung Crocilisk SkinsBlisters on The LandThe Shadowy Search ContinuesEight-Legged MenacesJitters' Growling GutReturn to JittersOrmer's RevengeGathering IdolsThe Third FleetThe Legend of StalvanReclaiming GoodsThe Night WatchFire TabooThe Night WatchTramping PawsSeasoned Wolf KabobsIn Search of The Excavation TeamSven's RevengeThe Cursed CrewReturn the StatuetteSearch More HovelsIn Search of The Excavation TeamThe Search ContinuesClaws from the DeepOrmer's RevengeProving Your WorthOgre ThievesZombie JuiceAn Old History BookJuice DeliveryGhoulish EffigyBingles's Missing SuppliesThe Totem of InflictionCrime and PunishmentDeliveries to SvenDeliver the ThreadGather Rot BlossomsSven's CampFinding the Shadowy FigureDigging Through the OozeWorgen in the WoodsWorgen in the WoodsThe HermitAmbushed In The ForestApprentice's DutiesWorgen in the WoodsRetrieval for MaurenAwaiting WordFurlbrow's DeedFour-legged MenacesThe GreenwardenRite of VisionSharing the LandSwoop HuntingRite of VisionRites of the EarthmotherDangers of the WindfuryDwarven DiggingSupervisor FizsprocketThe Venture Co.The Ravaged CaravanThe Ravaged CaravanPreparation for CeremonyRite of WisdomRite of VisionMazzranacheWANTED: Baron LongshoreWharfmaster DizzywigEnraged StormsnoutsSuper Reaper 6000Cry of the CloudscraperBetrayal from WithinIshamuhaleTribes at WarThe Angry ScytheclawsEcheyakeeThe Forgotten PoolsSouthsea FreebootersSamophlangeDisrupt the AttacksFungal SporesProwlers of the BarrensStolen SilverPlainstrider MenaceZhevra DependencePoor Old BlanchyThelsamar Blood SausagesWestfall StewGoretusk Liver PiePatrolling WestfallWestfall StewThe People's MilitiaThe Killing FieldsBounty on Garrick PadfootSkirmish at Echo RidgeMountaineer Stormpike's TaskWANTED: Chok'sulReport to Mountaineer RockgarThe Forgotten HeirloomIronband's ExcavationMercenariesRat CatchingRest and RelaxationHex of WeaknessHex of WeaknessThe Green Hills of StranglethornThe Apes of Un'GoroDragonkin MenaceThe Tome of ValorForged SteelSeeking StrahadCleansing of the Orb of OrahilPiercing the VeilThe Battle of DarrowshireTouch of WeaknessThe Hunter's PathGreat-father Winter is Here!Nathanos' RuseThe Test of RighteousnessDesperate PrayerSeeking the Kor GemTouch of WeaknessReturning HomeSacred ClothElune's GraceThe Last BarovHot Fiery DeathStormers and RumblersPoisoned WaterEye of the EmberseerLegplates of the Chromatic DefierBreastplate of BloodthirstThe Lich, Ras FrostwhisperSoulbound KeepsakeMenethil's GiftMenethil's GiftThe Dying, Ras FrostwhisperThe Human, Ras FrostwhisperThe Hunter's PathHex of WeaknessThe Last BarovArcane FeedbackWhen Smokey Sings, I Get ViolentSweet SerenitySnakestone of the Shadow Huntress

Updated Mobs: Black Widow HatchlingKobold LaborerDefias CutpurseYowlerNightbane Shadow WeaverRabid Dire WolfGreen RecluseBrain EaterRedridge DrudgerDefias HenchmanDefias MinerMarisa du'PaigePlague SpreaderDefias ConjurerGoblin EngineerBlack RavagerDefias OverseerDefias BlackguardEdwin VanCleefGoblin WoodcarverSneed's ShredderSneedRhahk'ZorMr. SmiteSkeletal WarderDefias DiggerSkeletal RaiderMorbent FelBlack Ravager MastiffDefias WatchmanDefias MagicianDefias WorkerDefias EvokerGoblin CraftsmanDefias SquallshaperForlorn SpiritGoblin ShipbuilderDefias Strip MinerDefias TaskmasterDefias WizardNightbane Dark RunnerStarving Dire WolfVenom Web SpiderRedridge MongrelRedridge MysticRedridge AlphaRedridge BasherDefias KnuckledusterKobold TunnelerCaptain GreenskinDefias PirateArdo DirtpawNightbane WorgenYoung Black RavagerVicious Gray BearAdolescent WhelpSalt Flats ScavengerScarlet ChampionScarlet AbbotRazorfen ThornweaverBloodscalp WarriorBloodscalp Axe ThrowerBloodscalp ShamanDreaming WhelpSwamp JaguarVenture Co. GeologistVenture Co. MechanicSnapjaw CrocoliskHighland StriderHighland ThrasherBoulderfist OgreBoulderfist EnforcerKolkar StormerHezrul BloodmarkKolkar BloodchargerHerodNancy VishasScorpid ReaverSaltstone BasiliskScarlet PreserverScarlet SentryScarlet SoldierScarlet GallantScarlet BeastmasterScarlet ProtectorScarlet SorcererScarlet DefenderScarlet MonkWithered WarriorWithered ReaverWithered QuilguardWithered SpearhideWithered Battle BoarBattle Boar HorrorDeath's Head GeomancerDeath's Head NecromancerSkeletal FrostweaverSkeletal SummonerSplinterbone WarriorSplinterbone CaptainSplinterbone CenturionBoneflayer GhoulThorn Eater GhoulTomb FiendFrozen SoulFreezing SpiritTuten'kashMordresh Fire EyeDeath's Head CultistGluttonScarlet GuardsmanScarlet DivinerScarlet MyrmidonScarlet AdeptScarlet ConjurorScarlet ChaplainScarlet WizardScarlet CenturionRazorfen BattleguardVenture Co. Strip MinerMosh'Ogg WarmongerBhag'theraSin'DallTethisPantherStranglethorn TigressScarlet Tracking HoundVenture Co. ForemanVenture Co. SurveyorStranglethorn TigerShadowmaw PantherLashtail RaptorJungle StalkerCold Eye BasiliskKurzen Jungle FighterElder Stranglethorn TigerVenture Co. MinerVenture Co. WorkbossJungle ThundererThrashtail BasiliskElder Mistvale GorillaBloodsail RaiderBloodsail MageBloodsail WarlockScarlet Commander MograineForeman CozzleScarlet TraineeYoung Lashtail RaptorSaltwater CrocoliskElder Saltwater CrocoliskStormsnoutOrnery PlainstriderFleeting PlainstriderSunscale ScreecherBristleback HunterBristleback GeomancerRazormane HunterRazormane DefenderRazormane MysticKolkar MarauderSavannah HuntressSavannah MatriarchSavannah ProwlerKreenig SnarlsnoutOasis SnapjawEcheyakeeHecklefang HyenaSickly GazelleAged KodoGray BearDread SwoopSlitherblade NagaSlitherblade WarriorRaging Thunder LizardGritjaw BasiliskForest SpiderDefias ThugStonetusk BoarHarvest GolemYoung GoretuskMurloc HunterBloodsail SwabbyCrushridge WarmongerSouthsea FreebooterYoung FleshripperCoyote PackleaderZanzil ZombieRocSplinter Fist WarriorYoung Stranglethorn TigerYoung PantherStranglethorn RaptorBloodscalp ScavengerYoung Stranglethorn RaptorSplinter Fist Fire WeaverDark Iron DwarfDark Iron SaboteurDark Iron TunnelerMistvale GorillaDark Iron RiflemanNethergarde SoldierShadowsworn CultistShadowsworn ThugShadowmageFelbeastPortal SeekerShadowsworn AdeptDread WeaverScourge ChampionDiseased FlayerEyeless WatcherDeath SingerGangled GolemAbominationDark AdeptCrypt SlayerBleakheart SatyrBleakheart TricksterBleakheart ShadowstalkerBleakheart HellcallerKolkar MaulerSyndicate Shadow MageCrushridge BruteSyndicate RogueSyndicate WatchmanGiant Moss CreeperElder Gray BearBurning Blade AugurBurning Blade ReaverBurning Blade AdeptBurning Blade FelswornLesser InfernalDoomwarderMana EaterNether MaidenBonepaw HyenaGroddoc ApeIronfur BearMagrami SpectreUndead RavagerWhirlwind RipperBloodfury RipperBurning Blade SeerCrushridge OgreArgus Shadow MageBloodfury HarpyBloodfury RoguefeatherBloodfury SlayerBloodfury AmbusherScorched BasiliskDread RipperCarrion HorrorScorpashi SnapperScorpashi VenomlashSlitherblade SorceressVenture Co. ShredderGelkis StamperGelkis WindchaserGelkis EarthcallerBlackrock SoldierBlackrock SorcererBlackrock SlayerBlackrock WarlockObsidian ElementalFiregut OgreFiregut Ogre MageFiregut BruteBlackrock WorgFlamekin SpitterFlamekin SpriteSkeletal FiendStrigid ScreecherStrigid HunterWebwood LurkerWebwood VenomfangWebwood SilkspinnerRascal SpriteShadow SpriteDark SpriteVicious GrellGnarlpine UrsaGnarlpine GardenerGnarlpine WarriorGnarlpine ShamanGnarlpine DefenderElder NightsaberLord MelenasNightsaberNightsaber StalkerGnarlpine AmbusherAdult PlainstriderElder PlainstriderPrairie WolfPrairie StalkerPrairie Wolf AlphaWindfury HarpyWindfury Wind WitchWiry SwoopSwoopFlatland CougarFlatland ProwlerVorlus VilehoofFerocitas the Dream EaterGnarlpine MysticBloodfeather RogueBloodfeather SorceressTimberlingTimberling TramplerTimberling Mire BeastElder TimberlingVenture Co. HirelingSilithid SwarmMuckshell RazorclawLongtooth HowlerRogue Vale ScreecherScorpid DunestalkerCoast StriderMagma ElementalSearing Lava SpiderRavasaurRavasaur RunnerFledgling PterrordaxCaptain KeelhaulRabid BlisterpawFire RocSurf GliderHazzali SwarmerCentipaar WorkerDunemaul BruteDeadwood GardenerSouthsea SwashbucklerAndre FirebeardAngerclaw BearFelpaw WolfWitherbark BerserkerHighland FleshstalkerPlains CreeperBoulderfist BruteBoulderfist MagusDrywhisker KoboldDark Iron SupplierYoung Mesa BuzzardElder Mesa BuzzardDabyrie MilitiaDabyrie LaborerCresting ExileThundering ExileKor'gresh ColdrageDark Iron BombardierDefias SmugglerGoretuskRusty Harvest GolemDefias FootpadDefias TrapperCoyoteFleshripperGordunni OgreGordunni BruteGordunni Ogre MageWoodpaw MongrelWoodpaw TrapperWoodpaw BruteGlasshide BasiliskStarving BlisterpawWastewander ThiefWastewander BanditRiding WolfRiding RamRiding TigerYoung Wetlands CrocoliskKobold MinerMurloc ForagerHarvest WatcherDefias BanditProwlerRockhide BoarDefias PillagerDefias LooterRabbitYoung Forest BearDeerSheepCowGarrick PadfootRotting DeadRavaged CorpseDecrepit DarkhoundGreater DuskbatStonevault FlameweaverSouthsea PirateSouthsea Dock WorkerCrag CoyoteArchaedasShadowforge SurveyorShadowforge RuffianShadowforge DiggerShadowforge Relic HunterShadowforge ArchaeologistStonevault Cave LurkerStonevault RockchewerStonevault OracleStonevault GeomancerGrimlokStonevault BrawlerStonevault Cave HunterStone KeeperStone StewardShrike BatBlisterpaw HyenaBaelogOlafReveloshEarthen StonebreakerEarthen StonecarverDeadly Cleft ScorpidGor'marok the RavagerStonevault SeerDunemaul OgreDunemaul EnforcerDunemaul Ogre MageDunemaul WarlockThistleshrub Dew CollectorThistleshrub RootshaperGnarled ThistleshrubEarthen RocksmasherEarthen SculptorVenomlash ScorpidCleft ScorpidShadowforge AmbusherSul'lithuz SandcrawlerDrywhisker SurveyorDrywhisker DiggerWastewander RogueWastewander Shadow MageWastewander AssassinSandfury HideskinnerSandfury FirecallerSandfury ShadowcasterSandfury Blood DrinkerSandfury Witch DoctorSpitelash WarriorStonevault BasherObsidian SentinelStonevault AmbusherAncient Stone KeeperIronayaShadowforge SharpshooterGalgann FirehammerStonevault MaulerMurloc CoastrunnerMurloc TidehunterGreater FleshripperMurloc WarriorOld Murk-EyeMurloc Minor OracleMurloc NetterMurloc RaiderShore CrawlerMurloc OracleMangy WolfSilithid SearcherSilithid Hive DroneSearing WhelpFiremane ScoutFiremane Ash TailMagram WranglerMagram WindchaserMagram MarauderMagram MaulerAncient KodoVenture Co. TinkererBloodsail Sea DogBloodsail Elder MagusElder Shadowmaw PantherWood LurkerGrizzled Black BearBlack Bear PatriarchElder Mountain BoarRabid Thistle BearRaging Reef CrawlerStormscale MyrmidonWrathtail Wave RiderWrathtail Sea WitchWrathtail SorceressMystlash HydraWildthorn StalkerGhostpaw RunnerStormscale SorceressWrathtail MyrmidonWrathtail RazortailRiverpaw MongrelRiverpaw ScoutHighborne ApparitionHighborne LichlingHaldarr SatyrHaldarr TricksterHaldarr FelswornXavian RogueXavian BetrayerXavian FelswornXavian HellcallerWildthorn VenomspitterElder Ashenvale BearGeltharisRiverpaw TaskmasterRiverpaw BanditRiverpaw HerbalistStonesplinter SkullthumperStonesplinter SeerElder Black BearMountain BoarKobold DiggerBurning Blade SummonerHatefury FelswornNether SisterJugkar Grim'rodThunderheadSilithid CreeperSouthsea BrigandSouthsea CannoneerTheramore MarineTheramore PreserverCaptain FairmountBaron LongshoreWhite StallionWinter WolfCrag BoarLarge Crag BoarYoung Black BearSnow Tracker WolfIce Claw BearShadethicket Stone MoverShadethicket Bark RipperElder Shadowhorn StagGhostpaw AlphaMannoroc LasherBoulderfist MaulerBoulderfist ShamanSyndicate ProwlerInterrogator VishasScarlet ScryerScarlet TorturerAnguished DeadBoulderfist LordFozrukForsaken BodyguardUnfettered SpiritHaunting PhantasmStormhideGreater ThunderhawkRazormane PathfinderRazormane StalkerWashte PawneGravelsnout KoboldHecklefang S


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No purchase necessary
# Jan 21 2005 at 11:09 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
err. good contest, but I'm pretty sure that you have to have a "no purchase necessary" clause in any contest. You have to have some sort of way for people to enter without paying any money (aside from maybe postage), otherwise, well, your contest becomes a lottery and only the state governments and various charitable groups are legally allowed to do that.

Oh the odds of winning have to be the same for everyone who enters no matter how its done.

Don't want to enter the contest, so this is just a FYI.
LOL, "discovered" my arse
# Jan 13 2005 at 5:56 PM Rating: Default
31 posts
Sure.... They misplaced them once they saw how valuable there were and only now "discovered" them when they can double the price. Uh, huh. We all buy that. ROFL!
well, actually
# Jan 12 2005 at 10:00 AM Rating: Decent
Inventory system doesn't have to be screwed up at all for that to happen. All it would take is half a skid that had a tracking # one digit off or one mis-shipped skid to cause something like that. Take it from a logisitcs guy.
RE: well, actually
# Jan 12 2005 at 10:15 AM Rating: Decent
I can understand the inventory goof up. But charging double for it just seems completely dishonest. EBGames isn't Ebay. A videogame sold at a retailer isn't like gas or oil where prices go up or down depending on supply.
RE: well, actually
# Jan 12 2005 at 4:48 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
I have had my own experience with EBGames. They have a tendency to increase the price of an item (new, unopened retail packages which they purchased at wholesale) if they think they can make a buck. Our local store did the same thing with some Xboxes just before Christmas. I believe this is taking advantage of the consumer if not out right price gouging. Especially considering they advertise products at retail prices and change the price when you come to the store.
Just stumbled across them huh?
# Jan 12 2005 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
You know, as happy as I am to be given a chance to win a Collector's Edition, this whole "we just found a few hundred in our warehouse" thing is total crap. You can't tell me that their inventory system is that screwed up that they could have a few HUNDRED collector's editions (which aren't small mind you!) just sitting in the back and not know it. If they were selling them for $150 on their site, then that seems illegal to me. They are a retailer, not a consumer selling his/her copy that they paid $80 for. That seems horribly dishonest of them. But I'd still like to win won from this site. ;)
RE: Just stumbled across them huh?
# Jan 13 2005 at 12:48 AM Rating: Decent
3,151 posts
Yeah, that seems teribly dishonest, heh, they denined me of my colector's edition just because they "lost" them...
Rehuhu of Kujata
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