December 30, 2004

You know I love updates like this... so big I can't even list it all! New Items: Resplendent CircletEye of the EmberseerIndomitable GauntletsIndomitable EpauletsMarauder's CrestGryphon Mail BucklerTrickster's Protector

New Quests: Eye of the EmberseerReport to ZorFiery Plate Gauntlets

Updated Items: Heavy LeatherGoblin Engineer's Renewal GiftEmbroidered BootsReinforced Locked ChestRingtail GirdleTimberland ArmguardsRecipe: Greater Arcane ElixirNomadic VestRunecloth RobeBuzz SawMoss CinchSkeletal LongswordGooey Spider LegBright MantleCrypt Stalker LeggingsAboriginal LoinclothTundra NecklaceSorcerer RobeJouster's VisorEmblazoned ChestpieceStudded HatTaran IcebreakerImperial Leather HelmToughened Leather ArmorMyrmidon's CapeCommander's CrestColorful KiltGothic Plate GauntletsBlack Duskwood StaffGypsy TunicFeatherskin CapeWarforged ChestplateSentinel CloakKnight's HeadguardHeavy Mithril ShoulderSkeletal ShouldersGem-studded Leather BeltSentinel's GuardCharger's ArmorGolem Shard LeggingsDustfall RobesSorcerer GlovesCharger's PantsDreamweave CircletStonefist GirdleDragonscale GauntletsCryptbone StaffGlyphed MittsRaging Berserker's HelmEnduring CapTribal Worg HelmBattleforge GauntletsAxe of OrgrimmarPatched Leather ShoulderpadsWildkeeper LeggingsSteadfast CinchDesert ShouldersBloodspattered GlovesBlue Linen RobeWorn Large ShieldMedicine StaffFeral ShoesBattleforge BootsEmbossed Leather BootsHuntsman's LeggingsBlack Velvet RobesRobe of the KeeperDisciple's SashScouting BucklerCivinad RobesLoch Croc Hide VestCrimson Silk VestRose Colored GogglesLoksey's Training StickLucky Fishing HatBlackforge Leggings

Updated Quests: The Dark Iron WarThe Lost IngotsLightforge IronEncroaching Wildlife... and BugsSkullsplitter TusksDriftwoodRumors for KravelThe Doomed FleetSeeking WisdomLook To The StarsLook To The StarsLook To The StarsColonel KurzenFavor for KrazekA Dark Threat LoomsRaene's CleansingThe Tome of ValorA Dark Threat LoomsThe Powers Below Lifting the CurseTherylune's EscapeDelivery to the GnomesDream Dust in the SwampThe RumormongerGoblin SponsorshipGoblin SponsorshipGoblin SponsorshipInduriumZhevra DependenceThe Barrens OasesPlainstrider Menace The Brassbolts BrothersWildmane CleansingPoor Old BlanchyJorn SkyseerJourney to the CrossroadsThe Coast Isn't ClearStolen SilverSkulk Rock Clean-up {Faction}Pridewings of StonetalonJourney to Darkshore!Gyro... What?Researching the CorruptionRuuzelTome of DivinityThe Ancient StatuetteFor Love EternalWild HeartsThe WeaverThe Hunter's WayZinge's DeliveryTharnariun's HopeElixir of SufferingThe Tower of AlthalaxxA Gnome's RespiteGyromast's RevengeJourney to Orgrimmar!Plagued LandsThe Tower of AlthalaxxTools of the HighborneBuzzbox 827On Guard in Stonetalon Speak with ColemanDeviate EradicationThe Absent Minded ProspectorBashal'AranSome Assembly RequiredVelinde StarsongJourney to Booty Bay!Water Pouch Bounty {Faction} Supplies for Nethergarde Noxious Lair Investigation Gahz'rillaMore Wasteander JusticeDeliver to McKinleyThe Brassbolts BrothersWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}Wharfmaster DizzywigMartek the ExiledWar BannersHighperch VenomLook To The StarsApprentice's DutiesCall of EarthRites of the EarthmotherPoison WaterA Task UnfinishedCall of EarthAttack on Camp NaracheCall of EarthWinterhoof CleansingThe Defias BrotherhoodBride of the EmbalmerTranslate Abercrombie's NoteThe Lost SuppliesTharnariun's HopeA Lost MasterOnuCave MushroomsThe Absent Minded ProspectorThe Master's GlaiveRaene's CleansingAfter the AmbushPowder to IronbandProtecting the ShipmentResupplying the ExcavationUncovering the PastOrmer's RevengeExcavation Progress ReportReport to IronforgeRedleaf Tubers Further InstructionsJin'Zil's Forest MagicReclaimed TreasuresInto The Scarlet MonasteryThe Test of RighteousnessThe Test of RighteousnessSeeking the Kor GemJourney to Orgrimmar!The Tome of ValorJourney to Grom'gol!Tome of DivinityA Recipe For DeathAt War With The Scarlet CrusadeRaene's CleansingFields of GriefA New PlagueThe Hidden NicheThe Tower of AlthalaxxPridewings of StonetalonReclaiming the Charred ValeRite of StrengthRites of the EarthmotherA Humble TaskA Humble TaskNight Web's HollowFields of GriefA Putrid TaskHow Big a Threat?Bitter RivalsThe Legend of StalvanFarren's ProofWanted! Marez CowlPearl DivingThe Legend of StalvanThe Legend of StalvanMurdalocA Sign of HopeCrushridge BountyThe Legend of StalvanScroungingMiragesA Dwarf and His ToolsNorthfold ManorFarren's ProofA Sign of HopeBartolo's Yeti Fur CloakSyndicate AssassinsHints of a New Plague?The Legend of StalvanFarren's ProofDown the CoastSolution to DoomIn the Name of the LightThe Thandol SpanThe Thandol SpanPlea To The AllianceThe Thandol SpanA Grim TaskThe Legend of StalvanFoul MagicsThe Flying Machine Airport Gann's ReclamationThe Dead FieldsLost DeathstalkersThe Swarm GrowsGuile of the RaptorTest of EnduranceParts of the SwarmThe Crown of WillTrollbaneHunt for YennikuThe Vile ReefBloody Bone NecklacesCompendium of the FallenThe Defense of Grom'golParts of the SwarmA Vengeful FateCall to ArmsMok'Thardin's EnchantmentSteelsnapFoul MagicsCall to ArmsSigil of StromElixir of AgonyHammerfallThe Hunt BeginsThe Hunt ContinuesThe BattleboarsThe Hunter's WayThunderhorn TotemVoodoo DuesKrazek's CookeryTroll WitcheryThe Bloodsail BuccaneersZanzil's SecretHostile TakeoverInvestigate the CampThe Haunted IsleThe Green Hills of StranglethornSpecial ForcesThe Princess TrappedThe Captain's ChestThe Bloodsail BuccaneersSinging Blue ShardsScaring ShakySupply and DemandBloodscalp EarsWorgen in the WoodsThe Bloodsail BuccaneersAkiris by the BundleKeep An Eye OutFavor for KrazekWhiskey Slim's Lost GrogChapter IIWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}"Pretty Boy" DuncanReturn to Corporal KalebReturn to MacKinleyDeliver to McKinleyTroll TemperStranglethorn FeverCracking Maury's FootScarab ShellsDivino-matic RodWastewander JusticeNoxious Lair InvestigationStoley's DebtBad MedicineMore Wasteander JusticeThe Second RebellionWelcome to the JungleMagical AnalysisChapter IVWANTED: Andre FirebeardAkiris by the BundleSkulk Rock Clean-up {Faction}Troll Necklace Bounty {Faction}Chapter IGadgetzan Water SurveyAnsirem's KeyChapter IIIUp to SnuffRaene's CleansingJourney to Stonetalon PeakA Dark Threat LoomsThe Algaz GauntletThe Tower of AlthalaxxThe Tower of AlthalaxxThe Coast Isn't ClearThe People's MilitiaFilthy PawsIn Defense of the King's LandsFiora LongearsIn Defense of the King's LandsCrocilisk HuntingIn Defense of the King's LandsThe Absent Minded ProspectorThe People's MilitiaA Dark Threat LoomsThe Defias BrotherhoodBashal'AranThe Fall of Ameth'AranHow Big a Threat?Bathran's HairThe Zoram StrandA Dark Threat LoomsCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureIn Defense of the King's LandsRed Silk BandanasWolves at Our HeelsA Dark Threat LoomsThe Trogg ThreatA Dark Threat LoomsThe Defias BrotherhoodCulling the ThreatOn Guard in StonetalonThe Absent Minded ProspectorReturn to SvenJitters' Growling GutThe Shadowy Search ContinuesReturn to JittersEight-Legged MenacesInquire at the InnThe Shadowy FigureBlisters on The LandYoung Crocilisk SkinsDaily DeliveryIn Search of The Excavation TeamReclaiming GoodsFire TabooThe Search ContinuesTramping PawsSearch More HovelsThe Night WatchSeasoned Wolf KabobsSven's RevengeProving Your WorthThe Legend of StalvanIn Search of The Excavation TeamReturn the StatuetteOrmer's RevengeGathering IdolsThe Night WatchClaws from the DeepThe Third FleetThe Cursed CrewOrmer's RevengeAn Old History BookGather Rot BlossomsZombie JuiceJuice DeliveryDeliver the ThreadDeliveries to SvenOgre ThievesThe Totem of InflictionGhoulish EffigyCrime and PunishmentBingles's Missing SuppliesWorgen in the WoodsApprentice's DutiesWorgen in the WoodsDigging Through the OozeThe HermitRetrieval for MaurenAmbushed In The ForestFinding the Shadowy FigureWorgen in the WoodsSven's CampFurlbrow's DeedThe GreenwardenAwaiting WordFour-legged MenacesDwarven DiggingPreparation for CeremonyThe Ravaged CaravanRite of VisionRite of VisionThe Ravaged CaravanSwoop HuntingRite of WisdomRite of VisionMazzranacheRites of the EarthmotherSupervisor FizsprocketThe Venture Co.Dangers of the WindfurySharing the LandSuper Reaper 6000Fungal SporesThe Forgotten PoolsZhevra DependenceProwlers of the BarrensThe Angry ScytheclawsIshamuhaleEnraged StormsnoutsCry of the CloudscraperBetrayal from WithinWANTED: Baron LongshoreEcheyakeeTribes at WarPlainstrider MenaceStolen SilverWharfmaster DizzywigDisrupt the AttacksSamophlangeSouthsea FreebootersRat CatchingPoor Old BlanchyWestfall StewGoretusk Liver PieThe Killing FieldsPatrolling WestfallWestfall StewThe People's MilitiaMercenariesIronband's ExcavationSkirmish at Echo RidgeThe Forgotten HeirloomBounty on Garrick PadfootMountaineer Stormpike's TaskThelsamar Blood SausagesRest and RelaxationWANTED: Chok'sulReport to Mountaineer RockgarShy-RotamBeware of PterrordaxAstral Knot GarmentA Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!Sweet AmberSweet AmberSweet AmberSweet AmberSweet AmberDungar LongdrinkReturn to LewisContinue to StormwindA Swift MessageFlight to AuberdineThe Bounty of TeldrassilNessa ShadowsongA Taste of FlameA Strange OneA Plague Upon TheeA Plague Upon TheeA Plague Upon TheeA Plague Upon TheeA Little LuckA Lesson to LearnA Lack of FearA King's TributeA King's TributeA King's TributeA Host of EvilA Future Task Hex of WeaknessThe Gordunni OrbDark CeremonyCorrupted WindblossomCorrupted SongflowerLieutenant Paval ReetheEncrypted TabletFeast at the Blue RecluseChallenge Overlord Mok'MorokkIn NightmaresOnu is meditatingWarsong Saw BladesVorsha the LasherThe Hunt CompletedThe Ashenvale HuntStonetalon StandstillBaron AquanisZamek's DistractionNer'zhulNeltharionMalygosIndurium OreGet the Goblins DrunkThe CorrupterAlexstraszaReagents for Reclaimers Inc.Book of the AncientsReturn to Apothecary ZingeCalm Before the StormCalm Before the StormAn Ordinary EggAn Extraordinary EggA Fine EggA Bad EggThe Sparklematic 5200!The Sparklematic 5200!The Sparklematic 5200!Vyletongue CorruptionHostile TakeoverHostile TakeoverHostile TakeoverWelcome!Welcome!What the Wind CarriesWild Leather LeggingsWinterfall ActivityYou Too Good.Kirtonos the HeraldKirtonos the Herald

New Mobs: Scorpashi VenomlashDiscordant SurgeKirtonos the Herald
Updated Mobs: Forest SpiderDefias CutpurseRiverpaw RuntStonetusk BoarKobold TunnelerMangy WolfGray Forest WolfFozrukWitherbark SadistOverlord RamtuskRazorfen DefenderDeath's Head SageRazorfen GroundshakerRazorfen BeastmasterMurk WormSaturated OozeAtal'ai WarriorAtal'ai Witch DoctorMummified Atal'aiUnliving Atal'aiAtal'ai Corpse EaterAtal'ai DeathwalkerAtal'ai High PriestNightmare ScalebaneNightmare WyrmkinNightmare WandererJammal'an the ProphetHukkuLord AzrethocRavasaurUn'Goro StomperTar LurkerTar LordLiving BlazeGorishi WaspGorishi WorkerGorishi ReaverIrontree StomperAtal'ai SlaveDeep LurkerAvatar of HakkarNightmare SuppressorAngerclaw BearAngerclaw GrizzlyAngerclaw MaulerFelpaw ScavengerYoung DiemetradonDiemetradonElder DiemetradonFledgling PterrordaxTimbermaw WarderTimbermaw MysticShadowshard RumblerShadowshard SmasherAmbershard CrusherTheradrim ShardlingDeep BorerPutridus TricksterPutridus ShadowstalkerSister of CelebrianPrincess TheradrasLandslidePrimordial BehemothPoison SpriteCorruptorConstrictor VineNoxious SlimeCreeping SludgeCavern LurkerCelebras the CursedRazorlashDeeprot StomperTinkerer GizlockMaraudosDeath Speaker JargbaDeath's Head AdeptQuilguard ChampionShade of EranikusOgom the WretchedWeaverDreamscytheHazzasRavasaur HunterBloodpetal LasherBloodpetal FlayerBloodpetal ThresherSlime MaggotNightmare WhelpAtal'alarionFelpaw WolfFelpaw RavagerLord VyletongueDeeprot TanglerDark Iron RiflemanSyndicate Shadow MageSyndicate RogueSyndicate WatchmanHillsbrad FarmerHillsbrad PeasantHillsbrad FootmanHillsbrad FarmhandTorn Fin OracleTorn Fin TidehunterFeral Mountain LionFarmer GetzScarlet WarderCrimson CourierVile FamiliarFelstalkerMakrura ShellhidePygmy Surf CrawlerKul Tiras SailorKul Tiras MarineYarrog BaneshadowLieutenant BenedictGiant Moss CreeperForest Moss CreeperGray BearVicious Gray BearElder Gray BearStarving Mountain LionKolkar StormerDeviate CoilerDeviate StinglashDeviate CreeperDeviate SlayerDeviate StalkerDeviate RavagerDeviate GuardianDevouring EctoplasmEvolving EctoplasmDeviate LurkerMad MagglishLord SerpentisSkumDruid of the FangDeviate CrocoliskDeviate LasherDeviate DreadfangDeviate VenomwingDeviate ShamblerVerdan the EverlivingSearing InfernalFelguardMannoroc LasherSharptalonCave YetiFerocious YetiElder Moss CreeperMudsnout GnollMudsnout ShamanSnapjawWitherbark ShadowcasterHighland StriderBoulderfist OgrePlains CreeperBoulderfist EnforcerYoung Mesa BuzzardShadowmaw PantherZanzil ZombieEnraged Silverback GorillaBloodsail RaiderScarlet ChaplainScarlet WizardGordunni BruteLongtooth RunnerStarving BlisterpawRocSouthsea FreebooterDark Strand EnforcerDark Strand AdeptDark Strand ExcavatorAshenvale BearDark Strand CultistGhostpaw RunnerRagged Young WolfRockjaw TroggBurly Rockjaw TroggShadethicket Stone MoverShadethicket Bark RipperElder Shadowhorn StagGhostpaw AlphaRotting SlimeShadethicket OracleBloodfury HarpyBloodfury AmbusherBloodfury WindcallerBloodfury Storm WitchCharred AncientRogue Flame SpiritBlackened BasiliskAshenvale OutrunnerDefias SmugglerHarvest WatcherDefias PathstalkerDefias HighwaymanGoretuskYoung FleshripperDefias KnuckledusterDefias Renegade MageYoung GoretuskDefias TrapperGreat GoretuskDefias PillagerDefias LooterCoyote PackleaderCoyoteFleshripperKobold DiggerRabid Dire WolfYoung Stranglethorn TigerStranglethorn TigerBlack Ravager MastiffSevered DreamerSevered KeeperForsaken IntruderForsaken InfiltratorForsaken AssassinForsaken Dark StalkerWildthorn LurkerHighperch WyvernHighperch ConsortHighperch PatriarchGravelsnout SurveyorVenomous Cloud SerpentThundering BoulderkinNeedles CougarPesterhide SnarlerHorde ScoutDark Strand FanaticBurning Blade BruiserBurning Blade AcolyteAthrikus NarassinFelmusk RogueFelmusk FelswornBleakheart SatyrBleakheart ShadowstalkerShadethicket RaincallerElder Ashenvale BearShadowhorn StagSarilus FoulborneVenture Co. OperatorVenture Co. LoggerVenture Co. DeforesterAntlered CourserStrigid OwlWebwood LurkerDark SpriteTimberlingTimberling Bark RipperTimberling TramplerLord MelenasNightsaberNightsaber StalkerGnarlpine AmbusherAgalFerocitas the Dream EaterGnarlpine MysticThistle BearRabid Thistle BearBlackwood PathfinderWrithing HighborneDarkshore ThresherGreymist RaiderGreymist CoastrunnerBlackwood WindtalkerMoonkinYoung MoonkinRaging MoonkinVenom Web SpiderTarantulaPygmy Venom Web SpiderGreen RecluseNightbane WorgenNightbane Tainted OneYoung Black RavagerNightbane Dark RunnerNightbane Vile FangStarving Dire WolfNightbane Shadow WeaverBlack RavagerBlack Widow HatchlingSkullsplitter WarriorSkullsplitter HunterYoung PantherStranglethorn RaptorLashtail RaptorJungle StalkerCold Eye BasiliskSkullsplitter Axe ThrowerBloodscalp ShamanBloodscalp BeastmasterBloodscalp MysticBloodscalp ScavengerBhag'theraSin'DallKing BangalashPantherStranglethorn TigressSkullsplitter HeadhunterSkullsplitter BerserkerYoung Lashtail RaptorElder Stranglethorn TigerElder Mistvale GorillaScarlet SoldierMurkgill HunterStonesplinter TroggDustbelcher ShamanShadowforge TunnelerStarving BuzzardGiant Plains CreeperHammerfall GruntThundering ExileBone ChewerDragonmaw BattlemasterJuvenile Snow LeopardDefias CaptiveCoastal FrenzyAnaya DawnrunnerAdult PlainstriderElder PlainstriderPrairie WolfPrairie StalkerPrairie Wolf AlphaFlatland CougarBurning ExileGalak StormerSaltstone BasiliskHatefury TricksterHatefury ShadowstalkerSlitherblade NagaSlitherblade MyrmidonGrimtotem StomperDefias OverseerCaptain GreenskinDefias PirateDefias SquallshaperMesa BuzzardSyndicate PathstalkerSyndicate MercenaryDefias Strip MinerDefias TaskmasterDefias WizardGoblin EngineerMr. SmiteDefias EvokerGoblin CraftsmanGilnidWitherbark TrollHighland ThrasherSyndicate HighwaymanBleakheart HellcallerSevered DruidGiant Ashenvale BearGoblin ShipbuilderWildthorn VenomspitterGhostpaw HowlerBluegill WarriorCaptain HalyndorKam DeepfuryChieftain Nek'roshSplinter Fist WarriorDefias Night RunnerElizaRedridge BasherLord MalathromInsane GhoulBrain EaterPlague SpreaderSkeletal WarderSkeletal HealerSplinter Fist OgreDefias Night BladeDefias EnchanterCarrion RecluseSkeletal RaiderSplinter Fist FiremongerDefias PrisonerGlasshide BasiliskScorpid HunterBlisterpaw HyenaGround PounderRock ElementalDefias BanditProwlerDefias BlackguardCookieBloodsail MageBloodsail SwashbucklerBloodsail WarlockMountain YetiGiant YetiMug'tholCrushridge WarmongerGrel'borg the MiserGranistadDustbelcher MysticScarlet DiscipleScarlet AdeptScarlet DefenderScarlet TorturerUnfettered SpiritDrywallow VicejawDrywallow SnapperWithervine Mire BeastCorrosive Swamp OozeAcidic Swamp OozeDarkfang VenomspitterGiant Darkfang SpiderScarlet MonkLand RagerWastewander RogueWastewander ThiefWastewander BanditFallen ChampionDefias MinerGoblin WoodcarverLoch CrocoliskRabid BlisterpawFire RocHazzali SwarmerHazzali TunnelerHazzali SandreaverSkeletal WarriorSkeletal HorrorSkeletal MageMine SpiderYoung Forest BearCrimson OozeBlack OozeMonstrous OozeFen CreeperDark Iron DwarfDark Iron SaboteurDark Iron TunnelerDark Iron DemolitionistBalgaras the FoulWetlands CrocoliskBluegill MurlocRabbitRockjaw SkullthumperRockjaw BonesnapperRockjaw BackbreakerCrag BoarLarge Crag BoarElder Crag BoarYoung Black BearWinter WolfIce Claw BearSnow LeopardDefias ThugTimber WolfKobold LaborerGarrick PadfootKobold WorkerYoung WolfHighland RaptorHighland LashtailHighland ScytheclawHighland RazormawMottled RaptorMottled ScreecherMottled ScytheclawMottled RazormawBluegill MuckdwellerRed WhelpFlamesnorting WhelpSarltoothBluegill RaiderGiant Wetlands CrocoliskDragonmaw RaiderDragonmaw SwamprunnerDragonmaw BonewarderHulking Mountain LionGravelsnout KoboldCrag StalkerScalding ElementalCaptain IronhillDun Garok MountaineerDun Garok RiflemanDun Garok PriestBleakheart TricksterBloodfury SlayerFledgling ChimaeraScorched BasiliskGravelsnout ForagerDread FlyerGritjaw BasiliskRazorfen ServitorChimaera MatriarchRockhide BoarSkeletal FiendBlackrock TrackerDefias InmateDefias ConvictDefias InsurgentBazil ThreddCaverndeep BurrowerCaverndeep AmbusherIrradiated PillagerBlackrock ChampionBlackrock RenegadeRiverpaw BanditCommander FelstromDeerSheepCowDark Iron BombardierBlackrock SummonerKlaven MortwakeViscous FalloutIrradiated SlimeCorrosive LurkerBlackrock ScoutBlackrock SentryIrradiated HorrorAddled LeperStalvan MistmantleGoldtoothMorganthShadowhide GnollRabid Shadowhide GnollBlackrock ShadowcasterShadowhide AssassinEdwin VanCleefServant of IlgalarRotted OneLeper GnomeForlorn SpiritGutspillCaverndeep InvaderCaverndeep ReaverKing MuklaVaro'then's GhostAnvilrage WardenAnvilrage GuardsmanAnvilrage FootmanShadowhide DarkweaverDragonmaw ScoutTechbotDreaming WhelpLost One MudlurkerLost One FishermanLost One HunterLost One MuckdwellerLost One SeerLost One RiftseekerSwamp JaguarShadow PantherSorrow SpinnerYoung Sawtooth CrocoliskLost One CookCrushridge MaulerMountaineer TharMountaineer RharenCrag CoyoteElder Crag CoyoteNoboru the CudgelUn'Goro ThundererScorching ElementalFrenzied PterrordaxScarlet GallantScarlet BeastmasterMirefin WarriorMirefin OracleTwilight RunnerHecklefang HyenaDeepmoss HatchlingKolkar StormseerKolkar InvaderKolkar WranglerKolkar BloodchargerOasis SnapjawDeepmoss V


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wow (again!)
# Jan 01 2005 at 11:29 PM Rating: Decent
76 posts
great job on the updating!!
# Jan 01 2005 at 2:48 AM Rating: Decent
142 posts
For a second there I thought you were being sarcastic :p.
# Dec 31 2004 at 7:47 PM Rating: Decent
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Holy cow that's insane! Someone should get a free month of premium for looking at every single one... hahah
# Dec 31 2004 at 1:49 AM Rating: Excellent
Wow thats alot of stuff
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