Merry Christmas and Welcome to WoW

Just posting to say Merry Christmas to everyone. And to those of you who got World of Warcraft for Christmas, welcome to this awesome game. To help you out, I figured I would point you to some features on our site that will make your game play easier. 1. Quests - We have just about every quest in the game listed. The easiest way to see them is to check the list by zone or list by class. You can also search quests by name or level. Each quest lists the text of the quest, the reward, links you to the items you need and the mobs involved. They are also listed in a series so you know what quests you will get later, or which ones you need to get to the one you are looking at. 2. Bestiary - Our bestiary listings list every mob in the game with a map showing exactly where they are located, their level and type and lists of every item they are known to drop. You can look them up by name and level, zone, or type. 3. Items - We list the full stats of almost every item found in the game, along with how they are obtained (drop, quest, tradeskill). You can do a complex item search, or bring up a whole list by slot. 4. Spells and Talents - We list complete information on every spell and talent for each class in the game. 5. Trade Skills - Wonder what you can make with your trade? We have complete recipe lists for every trade skill. 6. Character Profiles - You can keep track of your character online and show him off to your friends. Just download Wowreader and run it and it will upload your complete character stats to our site. Here's a sample profile. We also track guilds, so you can everyone who is in a particular guild. Here's the guild roster page. 7. Guides - We have a large list of various game guides for you to read in our guides section. 8. Zones - We cover all of the zones in the game with what quests, mobs and items you will find there. The best place to start looking for zones is our zone level chart. We also have interactive maps to help you see all the mobs and NPC's you will find in the zone. 9. Forums - Last, but certainly not least, come chat about the game and ask questions to other players in our forums. New posters are always welcomed there. Merry Christmas and welcome to WoW. We hope our site will help make the game even more enjoyable for you.


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