December 16th Update

Thank you to everyone sending in pics. Check the updated items. Most are from new fashion shots. Please take a pic of what you are wearing and send it in to us. I'm skipping updated mobs in this update, because there are just too many of them. New Items: Patch of Duskwing's FurThe Grand Crusader's CommandA Crazy Grab BagRoyal Seal of AlexisElemental CircleEternal BindingsEternal CordSeapost GirdleSchematic: Lifelike Mechanical ToadRecipe: Greater Frost Protection PotionRadiant BeltWarstrike LegguardsResplendent SarongFormula: Enchant Weapon - Superior StrikingWindchaser AmiceDokebi HatWatcher's MantleMystic's Wrap

Updated Items: Frost Metal PauldronsGreen Whelp ScaleFarmer's BootsTail SpikeSkystriker BowGlyphed EpauletsInscribed Leather PantsBastard SwordWeak FluxDurable HatGnomish Mind Control CapDurable ShouldersGnomish Rocket BootsDeepdive HelmetEnchanted Gold BloodrobeBarbaric ShouldersBelt of ArugalSilver-lined BeltNimar's Tribal HeaddressWhitemane's ChapeauBig Voodoo RobeBig Voodoo MaskWild Leather ShouldersChief Brigadier CoifCap of HarmonyAcidic WalkersAzure Silk HoodSage's CircletSerpent's ShouldersGhostly MantleSilver-thread SashIvycloth CloakLesser Wizard's RobeMurloc Scale BreastplateJagged DaggerRed Defias MaskRenegade CircletRenegade Pauldrons New Quests: The Champion of the Banshee QueenThe Call to CommandThe Corpulent OneRamsteinThe Crimson CourierDuskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee...Corrupted WindblossomSalve via MiningSalve via MiningSpiritual DominationAssisting Arch Druid Staghelm

Updated Quests: Salve via SkinningSalve via SkinningA New Ore SampleThe Weathered GravePridewings of StonetalonReclaiming the Charred ValeReclaiming the Charred ValeSelling Fish

New Mobs: Scarlet MagusScarlet CavalierScarlet JudgeScarlet InterrogatorScarlet ExecutionerHighlord Taelan FordringForeman JerrisScarlet WorkerScarlet SmithMonnos the ElderBorer BeetleLarge Vile SlimeInfernalDoomguard


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How high did your **** get off the chair Allakhazam?
Few men are born brave, many become so through training and force of discipline.
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