December 07, 2004

Nice one! New Guides: Items vs Tradeskills

New Items: 70 Pound Mightfish

Updated Items: Ironwrought BracersJagged StarVeteran ArmorGreater Stoneshield PotionOld Whistle of the Ivory RaptorVenom BottleChilled Basilisk HaunchSage's RobeBarbaric Cloth GlovesDull BladeBrittle MoltingDeviate ScaleSmall Blue PouchBattered BucklerLayered TunicNeophyte's RobeTapered PantsHarvester's RobeFrostmane Leather VestCopper OreHarvester's PantsTough Hunk of BreadWorn MaceNeophyte's BootsNeophyte's PantsNeophyte's ShirtRefreshing Spring WaterFlimsy Chain BeltFlimsy Chain BootsFlimsy Chain BracersFlimsy Chain CloakFlimsy Chain GlovesFlimsy Chain PantsFlimsy Chain VestSmall Throwing KnifeFrayed BeltRagged Leather VestRagged Leather PantsRagged Leather BootsRagged Leather GlovesRagged Leather BeltRagged Leather BracersRagged CloakFrayed ShoesFrayed CloakFrayed GlovesFrayed RobeCarpenter's MalletBent Large ShieldLight LeatherTough JerkyMelted CandleSmall Red PouchSmall Black PouchBastard SwordDarnassian BleuBroken FangChipped ClawRough ArrowLight ShotRust-covered BlunderbussCrude Throwing AxeShiny Red AppleForest Mushroom CapSmall Green PouchScouting BootsScouting CloakRough StoneEnsign CloakCorpseshroudSigil of Thoradin

New Quests: Joys of OmoshHorns of FrenzyThe Lost ReportNogg's Ring RedoReturn of the Ring

Updated Quests: The Dark Iron WarLightforge IronThe Lost IngotsSkullsplitter TusksDriftwood... and BugsEncroaching WildlifeRumors for KravelThe Doomed FleetSeeking WisdomLook To The StarsLook To The StarsLook To The StarsFavor for KrazekColonel KurzenTherylune's EscapeThe Powers Below A Dark Threat LoomsA Dark Threat LoomsRaene's CleansingLifting the CurseThe Tome of ValorDelivery to the GnomesThe RumormongerDream Dust in the SwampInduriumGoblin SponsorshipGoblin SponsorshipGoblin SponsorshipPridewings of StonetalonSkulk Rock Clean-up {Faction}Poor Old BlanchyThe Coast Isn't ClearGyro... What?The Barrens OasesPlainstrider MenaceJorn SkyseerZhevra DependenceJourney to the CrossroadsJourney to Darkshore!Stolen Silver The Brassbolts BrothersWildmane CleansingRuuzelTome of DivinityThe Ancient StatuetteResearching the CorruptionThe WeaverOn Guard in Stonetalon Speak with ColemanThe Absent Minded ProspectorBuzzbox 827Elixir of SufferingTharnariun's HopeZinge's DeliveryThe Hunter's WayA Gnome's RespitePlagued LandsDeviate EradicationGyromast's RevengeWild HeartsFor Love EternalJourney to Orgrimmar!The Tower of AlthalaxxThe Tower of AlthalaxxTools of the HighborneBashal'AranSome Assembly RequiredJourney to Booty Bay!Velinde Starsong Gahz'rillaWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}Deliver to McKinleyMore Wasteander JusticeNoxious Lair Investigation Supplies for Nethergarde The Brassbolts BrothersWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}Wharfmaster DizzywigMartek the ExiledWar BannersHighperch VenomLook To The StarsApprentice's DutiesCall of EarthCall of EarthCall of EarthPoison WaterRites of the EarthmotherA Task UnfinishedWinterhoof CleansingAttack on Camp NaracheThe Defias BrotherhoodBride of the EmbalmerTranslate Abercrombie's NoteThe Lost SuppliesThe Absent Minded ProspectorOnuA Lost MasterCave MushroomsTharnariun's HopeThe Master's GlaiveRaene's CleansingResupplying the ExcavationAfter the AmbushPowder to IronbandProtecting the ShipmentOrmer's RevengeUncovering the PastReport to IronforgeExcavation Progress ReportFurther InstructionsRedleaf Tubers Jin'Zil's Forest MagicJourney to Orgrimmar!Seeking the Kor GemThe Tome of ValorInto The Scarlet MonasteryTome of DivinityThe Test of RighteousnessThe Test of RighteousnessReclaimed TreasuresJourney to Grom'gol!A New PlagueA Recipe For DeathFields of GriefThe Hidden NichePridewings of StonetalonRaene's CleansingAt War With The Scarlet CrusadeThe Tower of AlthalaxxReclaiming the Charred ValeA Humble TaskA Humble TaskRites of the EarthmotherRite of StrengthNight Web's HollowA Putrid TaskFields of GriefHow Big a Threat?Bitter RivalsMurdalocHints of a New Plague?ScroungingThe Legend of StalvanMiragesA Dwarf and His ToolsFarren's ProofThe Legend of StalvanWanted! Marez CowlFarren's ProofFarren's ProofDown the CoastBartolo's Yeti Fur CloakThe Legend of StalvanThe Legend of StalvanSyndicate AssassinsPearl DivingA Sign of HopeCrushridge BountyNorthfold ManorThe Legend of StalvanA Sign of HopeThe Legend of StalvanSolution to DoomThe Thandol SpanThe Thandol SpanPlea To The AllianceThe Thandol SpanA Grim TaskIn the Name of the LightFoul MagicsThe Flying Machine Airport Gann's ReclamationThe Dead FieldsLost DeathstalkersThe Swarm GrowsHunt for YennikuParts of the SwarmFoul MagicsThe Vile ReefTrollbaneTest of EnduranceThe Defense of Grom'golCall to ArmsSigil of StromBloody Bone NecklacesSteelsnapGuile of the RaptorA Vengeful FateMok'Thardin's EnchantmentCall to ArmsThe Crown of WillCompendium of the FallenParts of the SwarmHammerfallElixir of AgonyThunderhorn TotemThe Hunt BeginsThe Hunt ContinuesThe BattleboarsThe Hunter's WayKeep An Eye OutUp to SnuffWorgen in the WoodsChapter IIIWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}Noxious Lair InvestigationVoodoo DuesWelcome to the JungleWhiskey Slim's Lost GrogChapter IIThe Bloodsail BuccaneersMagical AnalysisChapter IVSkulk Rock Clean-up {Faction}Troll Necklace Bounty {Faction}Cracking Maury's FootTroll TemperStoley's DebtPanther MasteryGadgetzan Water SurveyScarab ShellsTroll WitcheryRaptor MasteryDivino-matic RodWastewander JusticeMore Wasteander JusticeAkiris by the BundleStranglethorn FeverChapter IKrazek's CookeryAkiris by the BundleThe Haunted IsleInvestigate the CampHostile TakeoverZanzil's SecretThe Bloodsail BuccaneersThe Captain's ChestFavor for KrazekReturn to Corporal KalebThe Bloodsail BuccaneersThe Green Hills of StranglethornSpecial ForcesRaptor MasteryReturn to MacKinleyAnsirem's Key"Pretty Boy" DuncanThe Princess TrappedWANTED: Andre FirebeardBloodscalp EarsSupply and DemandScaring ShakySinging Blue ShardsDeliver to McKinleyBad MedicineThe Second RebellionRaene's CleansingCulling the ThreatOn Guard in StonetalonIn Defense of the King's LandsA Dark Threat LoomsThe Zoram StrandBathran's HairThe Tower of AlthalaxxThe Tower of AlthalaxxThe Absent Minded ProspectorRed Silk BandanasThe Absent Minded ProspectorCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureThe Defias BrotherhoodThe Defias BrotherhoodWolves at Our HeelsFiora LongearsJourney to Stonetalon PeakHow Big a Threat?The Fall of Ameth'AranThe Coast Isn't ClearA Dark Threat LoomsThe Algaz GauntletIn Defense of the King's LandsIn Defense of the King's LandsIn Defense of the King's LandsCrocilisk HuntingFilthy PawsThe Trogg ThreatThe People's MilitiaThe People's MilitiaA Dark Threat LoomsA Dark Threat LoomsBashal'AranA Dark Threat LoomsYoung Crocilisk SkinsInquire at the InnThe Shadowy Search ContinuesThe Shadowy FigureReturn to JittersEight-Legged MenacesJitters' Growling GutBlisters on The LandReturn to SvenDaily DeliveryThe Third FleetIn Search of The Excavation TeamGathering IdolsOrmer's RevengeTramping PawsFire TabooReclaiming GoodsThe Legend of StalvanOrmer's RevengeSven's RevengeThe Night WatchThe Search ContinuesClaws from the DeepSearch More HovelsReturn the StatuetteThe Night WatchIn Search of The Excavation TeamThe Cursed CrewSeasoned Wolf KabobsProving Your WorthZombie JuiceJuice DeliveryDeliver the ThreadDeliveries to SvenAn Old History BookGhoulish EffigyGather Rot BlossomsCrime and PunishmentBingles's Missing SuppliesOgre ThievesThe Totem of InflictionFinding the Shadowy FigureDigging Through the OozeThe GreenwardenFour-legged MenacesThe HermitSven's CampAwaiting WordWorgen in the WoodsWorgen in the WoodsAmbushed In The ForestRetrieval for MaurenWorgen in the WoodsFurlbrow's DeedApprentice's DutiesThe Venture Co.Dangers of the WindfuryDwarven DiggingMazzranacheRite of VisionPreparation for CeremonyThe Ravaged CaravanSupervisor FizsprocketRites of the EarthmotherThe Ravaged CaravanRite of VisionSharing the LandSwoop HuntingRite of WisdomRite of VisionStolen SilverEcheyakeeThe Forgotten PoolsEnraged StormsnoutsBetrayal from WithinZhevra DependenceProwlers of the BarrensThe Angry ScytheclawsTribes at WarIshamuhaleCry of the CloudscraperWANTED: Baron LongshorePlainstrider MenaceWharfmaster DizzywigDisrupt the AttacksSamophlangeSouthsea FreebootersSuper Reaper 6000Fungal SporesPatrolling WestfallPoor Old BlanchyThe Killing FieldsGoretusk Liver PieWestfall StewThe People's MilitiaWestfall StewRat CatchingSkirmish at Echo RidgeBounty on Garrick PadfootRest and RelaxationThe Forgotten HeirloomMountaineer Stormpike's TaskThelsamar Blood SausagesWANTED: Chok'sulReport to Mountaineer RockgarIronband's ExcavationMercenariesMiner's FortuneNecklace Recovery, Take 2Necklace Recovery, Take 2... and a Batch of Ooze... and a Batch of OozeTrial of the Sea LionMage SummonerElemental BracersBounty on Garrick PadfootBounty on Garrick PadfootKobold Camp CleanupKobold Camp CleanupThe Killing FieldsThe Killing FieldsBounty on Garrick PadfootThe Killing FieldsKobold Camp CleanupThe Completed Orb of Noh'OrahilThe Completed Orb of Noh'Orahil

New Mobs: Winter WolfDefias CutpurseFrostmane Troll WhelpRockjaw TroggBurly Rockjaw TroggRabbitDeerRagged Young WolfHarvest WatcherDefias ThugSheepTimber WolfYoung WolfCowKobold WorkerRagged Timber WolfKobold VerminSmall Crag BoarBristleback QuilboarGrelin WhitebeardApprentice SorenNorthshire GuardNewton BurnsideBengus DeepforgeLyesa SteelbrowImpSpirit HealerJanos HammerknuckleBrother DanilEagan PeltskinnerMarshal McBrideDrusilla La SalleSten StoutarmDeputy WillemDurnan FurcutterColdridge MountaineerSolm HargrinGodric RothgarMagis SparkmantleLee BrownDane WinslowFalkhaan IsenstriderMilly OsworthMabel SolajOwen VaughnWynne LarsonEvan LarsonJoachim BrenlowArdwyn CailenFahran Silentblade

Updated Mobs: Redridge BruteRedridge MysticRedridge BasherVenom Web SpiderGrave RobberSkeletal WarriorSkeletal HorrorSkeletal MagePygmy Venom Web SpiderRabid Dire WolfGreen RecluseBrain EaterBlack Widow HatchlingCarrion RecluseSkeletal RaiderNightbane Vile FangStarving Dire WolfSkeletal FiendNightbane Shadow WeaverMoonstalker RuntThistle BearDeth'ryll SatyrMoonkinRaging MoonkinMoonstalkerRabid Thistle BearCursed HighborneWrithing HighborneWailing HighborneVile SpriteWild GrellForest Moss CreeperVicious Gray BearStarving Mountain LionMottled ScytheclawBlack OozeFen DwellerFen CreeperYoung Wetlands CrocoliskMottled RaptorMottled ScreecherMottled RazormawWetlands CrocoliskNightsaberStormhideBael'dun ExcavatorBael'dun ForemanProspector KhazgormRazormane PathfinderHecklefang StalkerLord Cyrik BlackforgeHillsbrad FarmerHillsbrad FootmanGray BearHillsbrad FarmhandFarmer GetzCitizen WilkesEnraged StanleySouthsea BrigandSouthsea CannoneerFlatland CougarGreater PlainstriderElder Crag BoarStarving Winter WolfSnow Tracker WolfIce Claw BearSnow LeopardDustwind SavageDustwind Storm WitchLost Barrens KodoFleeting PlainstriderBarrens GiraffeSunscale ScreecherKolkar WranglerVerog the DervishHezrul BloodmarkKolkar BloodchargerOasis SnapjawZhevra RunnerKolkar StormerKolkar Pack RunnerKolkar MarauderSavannah HuntressSavannah ProwlerHecklefang HyenaGazelleKolkar PackhoundLeper GnomeAddled LeperFlesh EaterElder Ashenvale BearGreat GoretuskCrag BoarYoung Black BearGnarlpine UrsaGnarlpine GardenerHarvest GolemDefias SmugglerHarvest ReaperDefias HighwaymanRiverpaw MongrelMurloc ScoutDefias PillagerGreater FleshripperMurloc FlesheaterDefias KnuckledusterDefias RaiderBlackrock GruntBlackrock OutrunnerFetid CorpseBlackrock SummonerFrostmane NoviceRockjaw RaiderMangy WolfGrik'nir the ColdLarge Crag BoarWendigoJuvenile Snow LeopardGiant Moss CreeperCoastal FrenzyShadowclawGreymist NetterGreymist WarriorTide CrawlerYoung Reef CrawlerReef CrawlerForeststrider FledglingMoonkin OracleYoung MoonkinRockjaw SkullthumperRockjaw BonesnapperScarred Crag BoarVenture Co. MercenaryVenture Co. EnforcerVenture Co. DrudgerVenture Co. OverseerSupervisor LugwizzleRazorfen WarriorRazorfen QuilguardRazorfen DefenderDeath's Head AdeptRazorfen GeomancerRazorfen ServitorRoogugBloodscalp HeadhunterStranglethorn TigerYoung PantherDark Iron TunnelerDark Iron DemolitionistMistvale GorillaSnapjaw CrocoliskFerocious YetiCrushridge OgreMystlash HydraVenture Co. ShredderFallenroot HellcallerBlackfathom Tide PriestessBlackfathom Sea WitchTwilight LoreseekerBlindlight MurlocSnapping CrustaceanBarbed CrustaceanLady SarevessTwilight Lord KelrisDefias Night RunnerBloodscalp MysticStranglethorn TigressDefias EnchanterKurzen CommandoKurzen EliteKurzen Medicine ManKurzen HeadshrinkerKurzen Witch DoctorKurzen War TigerDaggerspine ShorestalkerDaggerspine ShorehunterTorn Fin CoastrunnerTorn Fin OracleMountain LionSnapjawShadowy AssassinSon of ArugalShadowfang RagetoothHaunted ServitorArchmage ArugalDarkfang LurkerSlimeshell MakruraDark Iron RiflemanKurzen SubchiefWitherbark Witch DoctorWitherbark Shadow HunterHighland ThrasherGiant Plains CreeperSyndicate HighwaymanSyndicate PathstalkerSyndicate ProwlerSyndicate MercenaryCloud SerpentBig WillYoung WendigoHoundmaster LokseyScarlet Commander MograineScarlet AugurScarlet SoldierScarlet GallantScarlet BeastmasterScarlet EvokerScarlet GuardsmanScarlet DivinerScarlet ProtectorScarlet AdeptScarlet DefenderScarlet ChaplainScarlet WizardScarlet CenturionScarlet ChampionScarlet AbbotUnfettered SpiritHigh Inquisitor WhitemaneScarlet MyrmidonScarlet MonkBloodmage ThalnosHaunting PhantasmArcanist DoanDire CondorDragonmaw ScoutBloodscalp WarriorShadowmaw PantherGalak WranglerGalak ScoutGalak MaulerGalak WindchaserGalak StormerScalding ElementalBoiling ElementalGrimtotem BanditGrimtotem ReaverGalak MarauderHighperch WyvernHighperch ConsortGravelsnout KoboldNeedles CougarPesterhide HyenaRazorfen WardenAgam'arRaging Agam'arDeath's Head PriestRazorfen HandlerGrimtotem StomperGrimtotem GeomancerArnak GrimtotemMosshide FenrunnerMosshide TrapperMosshide BruteHighland RaptorHighland LashtailDragonmaw RaiderDragonmaw SwamprunnerDragonmaw BonewarderBluegill RaiderGiant Wetlands CrocoliskAshenvale BearWildthorn StalkerGhostpaw RunnerBefouled Water ElementalLeech StalkerDragonmaw GruntCave StalkerGrel'borg the MiserMuckrakeLord FalconcrestOttoLashtail RaptorNightbane Tainted OneVenture Co. GeologistCrushridge BruteCrushridge MaulerCrushridge MageCrushridge EnforcerHighland StriderSyndicate ConjurorSyndicate MagusMarez CowlStonesplinter TroggStonesplinter ScoutGrizzled Black BearMountain BuzzardForest LurkerFrostmane HeadhunterFrostmane SeerHighland RazormawCrimson OozeMonstrous OozeRed WhelpLost WhelpFlamesnorting WhelpCrimson WhelpWebwood LurkerDire Mottled BoarElder Mottled BoarMakrura ClackerPygmy Surf CrawlerKolkar DrudgeKolkar OutrunnerBloodtalon ScythemawClattering ScorpidVenomtail ScorpidSavannah PatriarchOrnery PlainstriderSunscale ScytheclawIshamuhaleWitchwing HarpyWitchwing RoguefeatherWitchwing SlayerWitchwing AmbusherWitchwing WindcallerBarak KodobaneZhevra ChargerSerena BloodfeatherWandering Barrens GiraffeDeviate CreeperHecklefang SnarlerWarlord KolkanisWebwood SpiderGithyiss the VileStrigid OwlTimberlingBoglingForest SpiderKobold MinerMurloc ForagerStonetusk BoarDefias BanditMurlocGoldtoothPrincessPorcine EntourageKobold TunnelerKobold GeomancerRockhide BoarMurloc StreamrunnerYoung Forest BearGray Forest WolfDefias PathstalkerRiverpaw BruteMurloc CoastrunnerMurloc TidehunterMurloc Minor OracleMurloc WarriorOld Murk-EyeRiverpaw BanditYoung GoretuskMurloc HunterRusty Harvest GolemRiverpaw HerbalistMurloc NetterMurloc OracleFleshripperStranglethorn RaptorJungle StalkerColonel KurzenKurzen Jungle FighterElder Stranglethorn TigerJungle ThundererPantherBloodscalp Axe ThrowerBloodscalp ShamanBloodscalp ScavengerPalemane TannerPalemane SkinnerPlainstriderMountain CougarSneed's ShredderRhahk'ZorDefias MagicianDefias WorkerDefias EvokerGoblin ShipbuilderDefias LooterDefias HenchmanDefias MinerDefias ConjurerGoblin EngineerDefias OverseerGoblin WoodcarverDefias PirateDefias DiggerDust DevilGoblin CraftsmanDefias SquallshaperGilnidDefias Strip MinerYoung Black RavagerBluegill PuddlejumperBluegill MuckdwellerCursed SailorCursed MarineFirst Mate SnelligTunnel Rat GeomancerTunnel Rat DiggerTunnel Rat SurveyorMountain BoarMosshide MongrelDragonmaw CenturionDragonmaw ShadowwarderHighland FleshstalkerPlains CreeperMesa BuzzardGrizzled Thistle BearBlackwood WarriorBlackwood TotemicBlackwood UrsaBlackwood ShamanStormscale SirenCoyoteGreymist CoastrunnerGreymist SeerPygmy Tide CrawlerEncrusted Tide CrawlerMoonstalker SireForeststriderAnaya DawnrunnerDen MotherThistle CubCliff LurkerElder Black BearMangy Mountain BoarMosshide AlphaSarltoothDefias InmateDefias ConvictDefias InsurgentHamhockSaltspittle WarriorThistlefur AvengerMosshide MysticTargorr the DreadDefias PrisonerDefias CaptiveBazil ThreddSaltspittle PuddlejumperSaltspittle OracleStormscale Wave RiderBlack RavagerNightbane WorgenNightbane Dark RunnerRotted OneKam DeepfuryLord Gregor LescovarMarzon the Silent BladeBloodfury Storm WitchDreadmaw CrocoliskMosh'Ogg BruteMosh'Ogg Witch DoctorSaltwater CrocoliskMountain YetiGiant YetiHulking Mountain LionFrostmawBhag'theraIsha AwakBleakheart SatyrBleakheart TricksterBleakheart ShadowstalkerBleakheart HellcallerChimaera MatriarchRazorfen BattleguardCaptain HalyndorDark Iron BombardierMosshide MistweaverBluegill WarriorDark Iron SaboteurKobold DiggerBurning Blade BruiserCoyote PackleaderRedridge DrudgerRaging Reef CrawlerWrathtail SorceressWhite StallionMo'grosh OgreMo'grosh EnforcerMo'grosh BruteMo'grosh ShamanMo'grosh MysticWood LurkerBlack Bear PatriarchElder Mountain BoarChok'sulBerserk TroggLoch CrocoliskMangeclawYoung Thistle BoarThistle BoarGrellStonesplinter GeomancerStonesplinter DiggerDark Iron InsurgentVagashYoung NightsaberMangy NightsaberDeepmoss CreeperDeepmoss VenomspitterCliff StormerGrimtotem RuffianGrimtotem MercenaryGrimtotem BruteGrimtotem SorcererBlackrock RenegadeElder Darkshore ThresherRotting DeadRavaged CorpseBleeding HorrorWandering SpiritScarlet MissionaryScarlet ZealotCursed DarkhoundGreater DuskbatVampiric DuskbatCaptain PerrineMottled WorgRedridge MongrelTarantulaYowlerShadowhide WarriorFrostmane TrollFrostmane SnowstriderScarlet ConvertStormscale MyrmidonCarnivous the BreakerLoch FrenzyYoung FleshripperBlackrock TrackerLieutenant FangoreStonesplinter SkullthumperStonesplinter SeerDark Iron SapperYoung ThreshadonOl' SootyGobblerBellygrubMagoshRattlecage SkeletonTirisfal FarmhandGiant ForeststriderTwilight DiscipleTwilight ThugWild BuckShadowhide DarkweaverShadowhide BruteBlackrock ChampionHoggerBlackrock SentryDark Iron SpyBlack Dragon WhelpRiverpaw OutrunnerDefias FootpadGreater TarantulaMosshide GnollHighland ScytheclawMangy DuskbatBlack SlimeMindless ZombieWretched ZombieRot Hide GnollDalaran ProtectorDalaran MageDaniel UlfmanKarrel GrayvesRot Hide GraverobberSouthsea PrivateerTazanDuskbatVile Fin Minor OracleVile Fin MuckdwellerDecrepit DarkhoundWorgMoonrage DarkrunnerMoss StalkerDalaran ApprenticeRavenclaw ServantHand of RavenclawSamuel FippsRazormane DefenderRazormane GeomancerElder Mystic RazorsnoutRazormane MysticKreenig SnarlsnoutFenwick ThatrosDefias MessengerNightsaber StalkerRamDelmanis the HatedStonesplinter BonesnapperGoretuskDark Iron RaiderOld IcebeardDark Strand FanaticWebwood VenomfangDark SpriteBloodfeather HarpyElder NightsaberFerocitas the Dream EaterGnarlpine Mystic


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# Dec 08 2004 at 6:38 PM Rating: Excellent
185 posts
I am amazed at the amount of content they add everyday.
Dub - LvL 58 Hunter - Demon Soul
Dub - LvL 60 Warrior - Dark Iron - 8/8 Might
Malfader - LvL 60 Mage - Gurubashi
Malfador - LvL 60 Rogue (Deathwing)
# Dec 08 2004 at 7:50 AM Rating: Decent
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Finally got all the coldridge monsters, huh?

World of Warcraft
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