December 3rd Update

We have a nice addition today. Profiles now show your talents. Here's an example of a profile with updated talents. Be sure to run wowreader to get the updated version and then log into your character to record your talent information. Also, if you have been having problems with wowreader crashing on you, try the new version, which enables crash logging. If you don't have a profile yet and want one, all you need to do is download Wowreader and install and run it and it will automatically record your profile and store it on the site for you to link to and review. Use this link for downloading wowreader with full instructions on how to get a profile. Also, if you are in a guild, your profiles are also listed in a guild roster like this one, so tell your guild members so that you can show off your entire guild. Below are today's other updates: New Items: Heroic SkullcapCelestial KiltHawkeye BowGreater Frost Protection PotionBonelink Wall ShieldBricksteel GauntletsOverlord Ror's Claw

Updated Items: Woodpaw Gnoll ManeSigil of TrollbaneSigil of IgnaeusSheathed Trol'kalarEmpty Sea Snail ShellShadow Panther HeartMire Lord FungusDeepstrider TumorAcidic Venom SacCragwood MaulTablet of Beth'AmaraTablet of Jin'yaelTablet of MarkriTablet of Sael'haiHardened FlasketFilled FlasketWarchief's OrdersGordunni OrbLight Armor Kit

New Quests: In Search of Menara VoidrenderTriageDark Ceremony

Updated Quests: The Dark Iron WarLightforge IronThe Lost IngotsSkullsplitter TusksDriftwood... and BugsEncroaching WildlifeRumors for KravelThe Doomed FleetSeeking WisdomLook To The StarsLook To The StarsLook To The StarsFavor for KrazekColonel KurzenTherylune's EscapeThe Powers Below A Dark Threat LoomsA Dark Threat LoomsRaene's CleansingLifting the CurseThe Tome of ValorDelivery to the GnomesThe RumormongerDream Dust in the SwampInduriumGoblin SponsorshipGoblin SponsorshipGoblin SponsorshipPridewings of StonetalonSkulk Rock Clean-up {Faction}Poor Old BlanchyThe Coast Isn't ClearGyro... What?The Barrens OasesPlainstrider MenaceJorn SkyseerZhevra DependenceJourney to the CrossroadsJourney to Darkshore!Stolen Silver The Brassbolts BrothersWildmane CleansingRuuzelTome of DivinityThe Ancient StatuetteResearching the CorruptionThe WeaverOn Guard in Stonetalon Speak with ColemanThe Absent Minded ProspectorBuzzbox 827Elixir of SufferingTharnariun's HopeZinge's DeliveryThe Hunter's WayA Gnome's RespitePlagued LandsDeviate EradicationGyromast's RevengeWild HeartsFor Love EternalJourney to Orgrimmar!The Tower of AlthalaxxThe Tower of AlthalaxxTools of the HighborneBashal'AranSome Assembly RequiredJourney to Booty Bay!Velinde Starsong Gahz'rillaWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}Deliver to McKinleyMore Wasteander JusticeNoxious Lair Investigation Supplies for Nethergarde The Brassbolts BrothersWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}Wharfmaster DizzywigMartek the ExiledWar BannersHighperch VenomLook To The StarsApprentice's DutiesCall of EarthCall of EarthCall of EarthPoison WaterRites of the EarthmotherA Task UnfinishedWinterhoof CleansingAttack on Camp NaracheThe Defias BrotherhoodBride of the EmbalmerTranslate Abercrombie's NoteThe Lost SuppliesThe Absent Minded ProspectorOnuA Lost MasterCave MushroomsTharnariun's HopeThe Master's GlaiveRaene's CleansingResupplying the ExcavationAfter the AmbushPowder to IronbandProtecting the ShipmentOrmer's RevengeUncovering the PastReport to IronforgeExcavation Progress ReportFurther InstructionsRedleaf Tubers Jin'Zil's Forest MagicJourney to Orgrimmar!Seeking the Kor GemThe Tome of ValorInto The Scarlet MonasteryTome of DivinityThe Test of RighteousnessThe Test of RighteousnessReclaimed TreasuresJourney to Grom'gol!A New PlagueA Recipe For DeathFields of GriefThe Hidden NichePridewings of StonetalonRaene's CleansingAt War With The Scarlet CrusadeThe Tower of AlthalaxxReclaiming the Charred ValeA Humble TaskA Humble TaskRites of the EarthmotherRite of StrengthNight Web's HollowA Putrid TaskFields of GriefHow Big a Threat?Bitter RivalsMurdalocHints of a New Plague?ScroungingThe Legend of StalvanMiragesA Dwarf and His ToolsFarren's ProofThe Legend of StalvanWanted! Marez CowlNorthfold ManorFarren's ProofFarren's ProofDown the CoastBartolo's Yeti Fur CloakThe Legend of StalvanThe Legend of StalvanPearl DivingA Sign of HopeCrushridge BountyThe Legend of StalvanA Sign of HopeSyndicate AssassinsThe Thandol SpanThe Legend of StalvanSolution to DoomPlea To The AllianceThe Thandol SpanThe Thandol SpanA Grim TaskIn the Name of the LightFoul MagicsThe Flying Machine Airport Gann's ReclamationThe Dead FieldsLost DeathstalkersCall to ArmsHunt for YennikuParts of the SwarmFoul MagicsThe Vile ReefTrollbaneTest of EnduranceSigil of StromBloody Bone NecklacesThe Defense of Grom'golThe Swarm GrowsSteelsnapGuile of the RaptorCall to ArmsA Vengeful FateMok'Thardin's EnchantmentThe Crown of WillCompendium of the FallenParts of the SwarmHammerfallElixir of AgonyThe BattleboarsThe Hunt BeginsThe Hunt ContinuesThunderhorn TotemThe Hunter's WayKeep An Eye OutChapter IIIWorgen in the WoodsVoodoo DuesWelcome to the JungleNoxious Lair InvestigationDeliver to McKinleyUp to SnuffWhiskey Slim's Lost GrogChapter IIThe Bloodsail BuccaneersMagical AnalysisChapter IVSkulk Rock Clean-up {Faction}Troll Necklace Bounty {Faction}Cracking Maury's FootTroll TemperStoley's DebtPanther MasteryGadgetzan Water SurveyScarab ShellsTroll WitcheryRaptor MasteryDivino-matic RodWastewander JusticeMore Wasteander JusticeAkiris by the BundleStranglethorn FeverChapter IKrazek's CookeryAkiris by the BundleThe Haunted IsleInvestigate the CampHostile TakeoverZanzil's SecretThe Bloodsail BuccaneersThe Captain's ChestFavor for KrazekWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}The Bloodsail BuccaneersThe Green Hills of StranglethornSpecial ForcesRaptor MasteryReturn to MacKinleyAnsirem's KeyReturn to Corporal KalebThe Princess TrappedWANTED: Andre FirebeardBloodscalp EarsSupply and DemandBad MedicineThe Second Rebellion"Pretty Boy" DuncanSinging Blue ShardsScaring ShakyRaene's CleansingCulling the ThreatThe Zoram StrandThe Defias BrotherhoodBathran's HairIn Defense of the King's LandsA Dark Threat LoomsThe Tower of AlthalaxxThe Tower of AlthalaxxThe Absent Minded ProspectorRed Silk BandanasThe Absent Minded ProspectorCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureThe Defias BrotherhoodOn Guard in StonetalonWolves at Our HeelsFiora LongearsJourney to Stonetalon PeakHow Big a Threat?A Dark Threat LoomsThe Coast Isn't ClearA Dark Threat LoomsA Dark Threat LoomsThe Algaz GauntletIn Defense of the King's LandsIn Defense of the King's LandsIn Defense of the King's LandsCrocilisk HuntingThe Trogg ThreatThe People's MilitiaThe People's MilitiaThe Fall of Ameth'AranBashal'AranFilthy PawsA Dark Threat LoomsThe Shadowy FigureReturn to SvenEight-Legged MenacesThe Shadowy Search ContinuesInquire at the InnReturn to JittersBlisters on The LandJitters' Growling GutDaily DeliveryYoung Crocilisk SkinsThe Third FleetIn Search of The Excavation TeamGathering IdolsOrmer's RevengeTramping PawsFire TabooReclaiming GoodsOrmer's RevengeThe Cursed CrewThe Night WatchSven's RevengeClaws from the DeepIn Search of The Excavation TeamSeasoned Wolf KabobsProving Your WorthThe Search ContinuesSearch More HovelsThe Legend of StalvanThe Night WatchReturn the StatuetteDeliveries to SvenGather Rot BlossomsZombie JuiceDeliver the ThreadGhoulish EffigyAn Old History BookThe Totem of InflictionBingles's Missing SuppliesOgre ThievesJuice DeliveryCrime and PunishmentFinding the Shadowy FigureDigging Through the OozeThe HermitThe GreenwardenSven's CampWorgen in the WoodsFour-legged MenacesWorgen in the WoodsAmbushed In The ForestRetrieval for MaurenAwaiting WordWorgen in the WoodsFurlbrow's DeedApprentice's DutiesRite of WisdomThe Venture Co.Rites of the EarthmotherSupervisor FizsprocketDangers of the WindfuryDwarven DiggingMazzranacheRite of VisionPreparation for CeremonyThe Ravaged CaravanThe Ravaged CaravanRite of VisionSwoop HuntingRite of VisionSharing the LandThe Angry ScytheclawsWANTED: Baron LongshoreBetrayal from WithinCry of the CloudscraperEnraged StormsnoutsIshamuhaleEcheyakeeThe Forgotten PoolsZhevra DependenceTribes at WarProwlers of the BarrensSouthsea FreebootersStolen SilverWharfmaster DizzywigPlainstrider MenaceFungal SporesDisrupt the AttacksSamophlangeSuper Reaper 6000Skirmish at Echo RidgeWestfall StewGoretusk Liver PieThe Killing FieldsPatrolling WestfallThe People's MilitiaWestfall StewThe Forgotten HeirloomPoor Old BlanchyBounty on Garrick PadfootWANTED: Chok'sulThelsamar Blood SausagesMountaineer Stormpike's TaskReport to Mountaineer RockgarIronband's ExcavationMercenariesRat CatchingRest and RelaxationThe Fury Runs DeepThe Guns of NorthwatchPoor Old BlanchyChen's Empty KegStars of EluneRaene's CleansingGaffer JacksThe DenCenarius' LegacyOrdanusThe Defias BrotherhoodElectropellersThe Relics of WakeningThe Sleeper Has AwakenedWell of CorruptionWell of CorruptionThe Power to Destroy...

Updated Mobs: Rot Hide GnollRot Hide MongrelClattering ScorpidYarrog BaneshadowXT:4XT:9Rotting DeadScarlet MissionaryScarlet ZealotDecrepit DarkhoundCursed DarkhoundGreater DuskbatCaptain PerrineRot Hide GraverobberMottled BoarDire Mottled BoarVile FamiliarFelstalkerScorpid WorkerThunderheadSarkothThunderhawk CloudscraperZhevra CourserAshenvale BearWildthorn StalkerRotting SlimeVenture Co. OperatorVenture Co. LoggerVenture Co. DeforesterDeepmoss CreeperDeepmoss VenomspitterRaging Cliff StormerGrundig DarkcloudGrimtotem RuffianGrimtotem MercenaryGrimtotem BruteGrimtotem SorcererStarving Dire WolfRabid Dire WolfDalaran WizardStarving Mountain LionElder Mottled BoarBloodtalon ScythemawVenomtail ScorpidCorrupted ScorpidStormhideFey DragonAntlered CourserGreat CourserSap BeastCorrosive Sap BeastBloodfury SlayerBlackened BasiliskCenarion BotanistDaughter of CenariusSon of CenariusTwilight RunnerAggem ThorncurseRazorfen WarriorRazorfen QuilguardRazorfen TotemicRazorfen DefenderDeath's Head AcolyteDeath's Head SageRazorfen GeomancerRazorfen DustweaverRazorfen GroundshakerRazorfen HandlerRazorfen Beast TrainerRazorfen BeastmasterQuilguard ChampionDustwind HarpyDustwind PillagerArmored ScorpidThunder LizardHillsbrad FarmerHillsbrad PeasantHillsbrad FootmanVicious Gray BearHillsbrad FarmhandCitizen WilkesForest SpiderDefias ThugTimber WolfKobold LaborerGarrick PadfootStonetusk BoarKobold WorkerYoung WolfKobold TunnelerRockhide BoarMangy WolfRabbitDeerWebwood VenomfangGnarlpine ShamanGnarlpine DefenderGnarlpine AvengerTimberling Bark RipperTimberling TramplerUrsal the MaulerNightsaberNightsaber StalkerMoonstalker RuntRabid Thistle BearOakenscowlDarkshore ThresherGreymist CoastrunnerGreymist SeerPygmy Tide CrawlerYoung Reef CrawlerForeststrider FledglingMoonkinSouthsea BrigandSouthsea CannoneerSouthsea CutthroatSouthsea PrivateerTazanRattlecage SoldierDarkeye BonecasterRavaged CorpseVampiric DuskbatCracked GolemStone BehemothGrizzled Thistle BearBlackwood WarriorBlackwood UrsaStormscale MyrmidonElder Darkshore ThresherGreymist NetterGreymist WarriorGreymist HunterGreymist TidehunterMoonstalker SireBlackwood WindtalkerFlesh EaterVenom Web SpiderGrave RobberShadowhide SlayerShadowhide GnollRabid Shadowhide GnollBlackrock ShadowcasterBlackrock GruntBlackrock OutrunnerTharil'zunSkeletal FiendNightbane WorgenYoung Black RavagerBlackrock HunterSkeletal HorrorBone ChewerRotted OneBlackrock SentryLeech StalkerWinter WolfForest LurkerMoonstalkerThistle BearCoastal FrenzyCursed HighborneWrithing HighborneWailing HighborneStormscale Wave RiderStormscale SirenTide CrawlerReef CrawlerForeststriderDark Strand FanaticTwilight DiscipleTwilight ThugAnaya DawnrunnerThistle CubRiding RamRaging MoonkinHarvest GolemHarvest WatcherProwlerDefias MessengerDefias PillagerDefias LooterFleshripperRockjaw SkullthumperRockjaw AmbusherRockjaw BonesnapperRockjaw BackbreakerFrostmane TrollFrostmane SnowstriderFrostmane HideskinnerFrostmane HeadhunterFrostmane ShadowcasterLarge Crag BoarYoung Black BearYoung WendigoWendigoSnow Tracker WolfStonesplinter BonesnapperDark Iron RaiderRiverpaw GnollDefias PathstalkerDefias HighwaymanRiverpaw BruteYoung FleshripperRagged Timber WolfRagged Young WolfFrostmane Troll WhelpRockjaw TroggSmall Crag BoarBurly Rockjaw TroggCrag BoarElder Crag BoarStonesplinter TroggStonesplinter ScoutStonesplinter SkullthumperStonesplinter SeerTunnel Rat VerminTunnel Rat ScoutTunnel Rat GeomancerTunnel Rat DiggerCliff LurkerElder Black BearGrizzled Black BearMountain BoarMangy Mountain BoarIce Claw BearJuvenile Snow LeopardSnow LeopardBrawlerLeper GnomeScarred Crag BoarLoch CrocoliskRockjaw RaiderRedridge MongrelRedridge PoacherDire CondorRedridge MysticTarantulaRedridge BasherDefias KnuckledusterGrik'nir the ColdDust DevilCoyote PackleaderCoyoteStonesplinter ShamanFrostmane SeerGrizlakMindless ZombieWretched ZombieYoung Night Web SpiderRattlecage SkeletonDark Iron AmbusherBristleback QuilboarBristleback ShamanPlainstriderPrairie WolfMountain CougarBattleboarDark Iron SpyRedridge BruteBlack Dragon WhelpDefias FootpadRiverpaw ScoutSaeanNight Web SpiderYoung ScavengerDuskbatGray Forest WolfRazormane QuilboarRazormane ScoutRazormane DustrunnerRazormane BattleguardBloodtalon TaillasherBurning Blade FanaticBurning Blade ApprenticeFizzle DarkstormZalazaneVoodoo TrollHexed TrollMurloc FlesheaterShadowhide BruteMurloc Minor TidecallerMurloc ShorestrikerShore CrawlerWebwood LurkerMottled WorgVile Fin TidehunterMoonrage WhitescalpRot Hide GladerunnerFerocious Grizzled BearMoonrage GluttonMoss StalkerMist CreeperGiant Grizzled BearDalaran ApprenticeRavenclaw ServantRot Hide BruteRot Hide Plague WeaverRavenclaw GuardianRavenclaw DrudgerHaggard RefugeeSickly RefugeeValdred MorayMottled RaptorBluegill MurlocBluegill PuddlejumperBluegill ForagerBluegill MuckdwellerGobblerYoung Wetlands CrocoliskMakrura ClackerMakrura ShellhidePygmy Surf CrawlerDustwind SavageDustwind Storm WitchKolkar OutrunnerDurotar TigerKul Tiras SailorKul Tiras MarineCorrupted Bloodtalon ScythemawWarlord KolkanisWatch Commander ZalaphilKolkar DrudgeLieutenant BenedictCorrupted Mottled BoarHareVenture Co. EnforcerVenture Co. OverseerSavannah ProwlerHecklefang HyenaSkeletal WarriorDefias SmugglerGreat GoretuskShadowhide WarriorDefias MinerMarisa du'PaigeDark Iron DwarfDragonmaw ScoutGoretuskSkeletal MageDefias Night RunnerDefias ConjurerGoblin EngineerSkeletal MinerUndead DynamiterDefias OverseerDefias BlackguardGoblin WoodcarverSneedRhahk'ZorCookieMr. SmiteDefias PirateLieutenant FangoreDefias PrisonerDefias CaptiveDefias WatchmanDefias EvokerGoblin CraftsmanDefias SquallshaperGiant Moss CreeperWild BuckDeathstalker AdamantShadowfang WhitescalpShadowfang MoonwalkerBleak WorgFel SteedDark Strand AssassinDefias Strip MinerDefias TaskmasterFallenroot SatyrFallenroot RogueFallenroot ShadowstalkerFallenroot HellcallerBlackfathom Tide PriestessBlackfathom Sea WitchBlackfathom MyrmidonTwilight AcolyteTwilight ReaverTwilight LoreseekerMurkshallow SnapclawBlindlight MurlocSkittering CrustaceanGhamoo-raYoung GoretuskDefias TrapperDefias DiggerBlack Widow HatchlingCarrion RecluseHighland RaptorDragonmaw RaiderElder Gray BearSnapjawSlavering WorgHaunted ServitorRethilgoreGoblin ShipbuilderDefias WizardTwilight AquamancerDefias RaiderNightbane Shadow WeaverMosshide TrapperHighland ScytheclawDark Iron SaboteurDark Iron TunnelerNightbane Dark RunnerNightbane Vile FangFenrosBrain EaterPlague SpreaderSkeletal WarderSkeletal HealerDefias Night BladeNightbane Tainted OneMosshide FenrunnerHighland LashtailSkeletal RaiderKam DeepfuryTargorr the DreadDefias InmateDefias ConvictDefias InsurgentHamhockGreymist RaiderBlackfathom OracleTwilight ShadowmageTwilight ElementalistBarbed CrustaceanTwilight Lord KelrisCaverndeep BurrowerCaverndeep AmbusherCaverndeep InvaderCaverndeep ReaverIrradiated SlimeIrradiated HorrorAddled LeperLeprous DefenderMechanized SentryElectrocutioner 6000Irradiated PillagerDark Iron RiflemanViscous FalloutLeprous AssistantKobold VerminGreater PlainstriderSunscale LashtailSunscale ScreecherRazormane HunterRazormane DefenderRazormane GeomancerRazormane MysticKolkar WranglerOasis SnapjawGeolord MottleKolkar StormerRiverpaw RuntDefias BanditLongsnoutRiverpaw OutrunnerRusty Harvest GolemBenny BlaancoYoung Forest BearMangeclawHoggerMorgan the CollectorVagashMottled ScytheclawMottled RazormawBlack RavagerBlack Ravager MastiffWorgEncrusted Surf CrawlerBael'dun ExcavatorBael'dun ForemanProspector KhazgormLord Cyrik BlackforgeSunscale ScytheclawTheramore MarineTheramore PreserverCaptain FairmountCannoneer SmytheCannoneer WhessanRagefire ShamanEarthborerMolten ElementalElder NightsaberBoglingDragonmaw SwamprunnerDragonmaw BonewarderMurloc ForagerGoldtoothDefias Rogue WizardMurloc LurkerMo'grosh EnforcerWood LurkerBlack Bear PatriarchElder Mountain BoarMountain BuzzardBerserk TroggSheepStonesplinter GeomancerStonesplinter DiggerFetid CorpseForlorn SpiritCaverndeep PillagerIrradiated InvaderDragonmaw GruntOrnery PlainstriderFleeting PlainstriderSen'jin WatcherBurning Blade BruiserGhostpaw RunnerGhostpaw HowlerBefouled Water ElementalDeepmoss WebspinnerYoung PridewingPridewing WyvernPridewing ConsortBloodfury HarpyBloodfury AmbusherBloodfury WindcallerCharred AncientBlackened AncientVengeful AncientScorched BasiliskSinged BasiliskDeepmoss HatchlingRiding WolfChimaera MatriarchWrathtail Wave RiderWrathtail SorceressKobold MinerPrincessPorcine EntourageVejrekDefias CutpurseMurloc CoastrunnerBlackwood TotemicMurlocRedridge ThrasherMurloc StreamrunnerKobold DiggerRiverpaw MinerBlackrock SummonerXabraxxisBlackrock RenegadeRedridge AlphaGreater TarantulaMurloc RaiderIshamuhaleBristleback Water SeekerKolkar MarauderDeviate CoilerDeviate CreeperDeviate SlayerDeviate StalkerDeviate RavagerDevouring EctoplasmDeviate LurkerTrigore the LasherLord PythasLord SerpentisSkumDruid of the FangThistlefur ShamanHecklefang SnarlerDeviate CrocoliskDeviate ViperDeviate VenomwingDeviate ShamblerVerdan the EverlivingStormsnoutZhevra RunnerThunderhawk HatchlingBristleback HunterBristleback ThornweaverBristleback GeomancerBarak KodobaneDeviate StinglashDeviate GuardianEvolving EctoplasmLady AnacondraSerpentbloom SnakeThistlefur AvengerThistlefur PathfinderDal BloodclawDeviate LasherDeviate DreadfangKolkar InvaderStrigid ScreecherGnarlpine AmbusherAgalStrigid HunterWebwood SilkspinnerBloodfeather HarpyBloodfeather SorceressTimberling Mire BeastBlackrock ScoutLady SathrahBloodfeather RogueFeral NightsaberErlan DrudgemoorSurena CaledonDark Iron InsurgentMo'grosh OgreMo'grosh BruteTunnel Rat KoboldYoung ThreshadonEdwin VanCleefHarvest ReaperGreater FleshripperSneed's ShredderZzarc' VulInsane GhoulSplinter Fist EnslaverPygmy Venom Web SpiderGreen RecluseSplinter Fist FiremongerBluegill RaiderDextren WardGrellYoung NightsaberDefias DockmasterDefias BodyguardGiant Wetlands CrocoliskLost Barrens KodoGreater Barrens KodoWrathtail MyrmidonWrathtail RazortailWrathtail Sea WitchSaltspittle PuddlejumperGravelsnout ForagerPesterhide HyenaPesterhide SnarlerRazorfen ServitorHorde PeonCursed SailorCursed MarineSarltoothWetlands CrocoliskBarrens KodoGreater ThunderhawkBurning Blade AcolyteShadethicket Wood ShaperShadethicket Stone MoverShadethicket RaincallerShadethicket Bark RipperElder Ashenvale BearWildthorn VenomspitterCrazed AncientWithered AncientShadethicket OracleRuuzelWrathtail PriestessBloodfury Storm WitchEnraged Stone SpiritRogue Flame SpiritAku'mai FisherLady SarevessHorde ScoutBluegill WarriorFen CreeperGalak MaulerGravelsnout KoboldNeedles CougarBael'dun SoldierBael'dun RiflemanBael'dun OfficerGalak WranglerGalak ScoutGalak WindchaserGalak StormerGalak MarauderElder Cloud SerpentGalak Flame GuardRazormane PathfinderCloud SerpentCrag StalkerHecklefang StalkerDefias WorkerGilnidCowRiverpaw MongrelRiverpaw BanditDefias HenchmanMurloc TidehunterMurloc WarriorOld Murk-Eye


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# Dec 06 2004 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
It appears that none of my talents have been correctly reported.

After giving a hard look I see what's going on (I'm a druid):

"Balance" talents are currently represented by the "Feral Combat" tree.

"Feral Combat" talents are represented by the "Restoration" tree.

"Restoration" talents are represented by the "Balance" tree.

Please check your mapping guys! :-)

# Dec 06 2004 at 9:20 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
Actually, for Paladin's, it looks like the Retribution and Protection talents are switched.
Viewing characters in IE
# Dec 06 2004 at 2:03 AM Rating: Decent
When first I looked at the example I saw a complete mess. Everything was piled on top of everything. I even had text running down the left side of the screen. Then I read these posts and viewed the example again and after the page loaded I refreshed. VIOLA! Everything fell into place, the text disappeared and I could click on the character profile tabs to bring up the other sections to look at. My suggestion at this time would be for you guys to state that people need to refreash the page after it loads until you can figure out whats causing it to load all scrambled up.

Aside from the above the character pages look VERY good! Really love seeing them. Now I just gotta get a good pic of myself. Thanks for the hard work guys!! Smiley: clap

Edited, Mon Dec 6 02:04:30 2004
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Another problem
# Dec 04 2004 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
64 posts
In my character's profile, talents are listed wrongly. They should be:

Mark of the Wild 5/5
Nature's Focus 5/5
Improved Healing Touch 1/5
RE: Another problem
# Dec 06 2004 at 11:03 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Yes, I am seeing much the same problem. My talents are listed all over the place, with none listed in the talents I have actually trained in.
# Dec 04 2004 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
64 posts
The XML for the Talent page is faulty and does not render properly at all in Firefox.

All the images show up too big, leading to overlapping. The text is placed behind the entire profile instead of as mouseovers. And if you click out to Character or Skills (which are still fine, no problems there), the link to Talents is missing.

Works fine in IE though, which I guess is good for most of you out there, but it'd be nice if the Akz guys could get this working on Firefox/Mozilla as well.
RE: Firefox
# Dec 04 2004 at 11:10 PM Rating: Excellent
it works better in firefox than IE.

shift + reload to get the stylesheet refreshed.

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Small Bug
# Dec 04 2004 at 11:28 AM Rating: Good
Nice update for WOWReader. However, the Paladin's Holy and Retribution talents seem to be switched. It's telling me I have 4/2 talents in Lay On Hands :)
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- 01/16/05 'Unable to log in at this time'
- 01/16/05 Server crashes and rollbacks all evening.
- 01/17/05 30 minute queues to get in. No time to wait to play.
01/18/05 Server down. No reason
# Dec 04 2004 at 2:24 AM Rating: Excellent
86 posts
That is one big *** update
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