Lots of New Things Today

We added several nice new features to the site today. Before I go over them, I want to congratulate Trion of Lightbringer, who was picked for our profile of the week this week. I activated a free month of premium service for you. Congratulations. Now, here are the new things we added today (holiday, what holiday?): 1) Guild Roster Profiles. We now list guilds on the site with complete rosters including rank, race, class, level, skills and equipment for every member. If you have a profile uploaded to our site, we will add your guild to the guild roster page. Get all of your guild mates to upload a profile and link to it to show off your guild's progress in the game. This is the first of several features we plan on adding for WoW guilds. 2) Interactive Maps. Our new interactive map section lets you bring up maps of each zone and overlay the location of mobs and NPC's you can find there. This lets you get a nice overview of any zone before venturing into it. You can also click on the individual mob and see the locations in the zone just for that particular mob, along with, of course, his level, stats, and quest and drop info. No more shouting for directions. Just alt-tab over and check for yourself. 3) Zone Level Chart. We added a chart of every zone in the game sorted by level to make it easier to choose which zones you want to try next. Clicking on the zone will get you to a page with more information, including what drops there, and complete discriptions of what mobs and quests are found within the zone. 4) Bestiary by Beast Family. Specifically for you hunters, you can now sort through our bestiary by beast family to look for the best pets.


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This is awesome, but one bug...
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Our guild the [url=www.transcendents.org]Transcendents[/url] is Alliance on Dalaran and Horde on Lightbringer, but all of our characters are being listed as being on Dalaran,

I'll email this as well.
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