November 15th Update

Just a week left until launch. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to play when the character counts. I know my EQ2 character will be feeling mighty lonely in a week. New Items: Sully Balloo's LetterBonecaster's SarongHighborne CloakWicked Leather PantsRunic Leather PantsGeomancer's JerkinSymbolic LegplatesSchematic: Flawless Arcanite RifleWindchaser WrapsRavager's SandelsKhan's GreavesProtector AnkleguardsIronhide BracersLofty GauntletsSmall ScrollAmbassador Malcin's HeadMass of McGowanSymbolic GreavesBrutish ShieldGryphon Mail BucklerBloodforged ChestpieceHexx's KeyEmbersilk TunicBlue Dragonscale BreastplateWarleader's BracersPraetorian CoifEmbersilk LeggingsFeralas AhiWicked Chain ShieldThick Scale ShieldVital TunicVenomshroud MaskIronhide HelmetStonecloth BranchWindchaser RobesJade DeflectorMagnificent BreastplateCrown of Caer Darrow Updated Items: Waterlogged EnvelopePlans: Golden Scale BootsMasters VestBoulderskin BreastplatePlans: Arcanite ChampionCortello's RiddleParty GrenadeFormula: Enchant Boots - Minor StaminaHeart of ZealDemon PickSyndicate MissiveTainted KegBloodbelly FishTablet ShardDemon BoxHakkar'i BloodEssence of HakkarA Mangled JournalDiscarded KnifePlans: Dawn's EdgePlans: Blazing RapierPlans: Enchanted BattlehammerInsignia of the Black GuardPlans: Thorium ArmorCrumpled NoteIndurium OreOrdinary EggShay's BellLahassa EssenceImbel EssenceSamha EssenceByltan EssenceStave of EquinexA Sparkling StoneFeralas: A HistoryGold-capped Troll TuskEmpty BarrelHetaera's Bloodied HeadHetaera's Beaten HeadHetaera's Bruised HeadHakkar'i UrnUnhatched Sprite Darter EggFelnok's PackageRag DollSacred MalletPendulum of DoomBrittle Dragon BoneGoblin RumorsKravel's SchemeTribal Raptor FeathersTainted VitriolTwill VestCorrupt Moon Well WaterEmpty Canteen

New Quests: Sully Balloo's LetterA Lack of FearReception from TyrandeUpdate for Sentinel ThenysilThe Morrow StoneCorruptionAn Unholy AllianceAn Unholy AllianceRestoring the NecklaceReturn to TroyasA Lack of FearEnraged Wildkin

Updated Quests: The DesertersThe DesertersBaron Aquanis Vimes's Report Oops, We Killed Them Again.Vimes's ReportCortello's RiddleCortello's RiddleHand of IruxosCatch of the DayCatch of the DayHearts of ZealHand of Iruxos Hearts of ZealGrim MessageFind OOX-09/HL!The Everstill BridgeTrouble in the DeepsThe Elder CroneThe DenSpecial Delivery for GaximReport to KadrakReclaiming the Charred ValeNew LifeKill Grundig DarkcloudKaya's AliveJin'Zil's Forest MagicHarpies ThreatenGerenzo's OrdersGerenzo's OrdersElemental WarEarthen AriseCycle of RebirthCovert Ops - BetaCovert Ops - AlphaA Crew Under FireA Crew Under FireCenarius' LegacyCalling in the ReservesBloodfury BloodlineBlood FeedersAvenge My VillageArachanphobiaA Scroll from MaurenThazz'ril's PickFinding the AntidoteEncrypted ParchmentThe Venture Co.Glyphic TabletThe Warsong ReportsThe HarvesterRide to Thunder BluffReport to KadrakReturn to the Crossroads.Ride to OrgrimmarReturn to TinkeeReturn to Tinkee Doras the Wind Rider MasterMeats to OrgrimmarWANTED: Murkdeep!Return to OnuFamily TreeClam Bait


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Alla has to.. may not be out of choice. :)
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You have an EQ2 character? For shame!
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