November 11th Update

I'm skipping all the updated mobs. Check out the newbie guides that were written up by Azuarc. We welcome any submissions of guides for the game. New Guides: Newbie Guide 7 - Items, Inventory, and MoneyNewbie Guide 6 - Transportation and Getting AroundNewbie Guide 5 - Regarding TradeskillsNewbie Guide 4 - Basic ConceptsNewbie Guide 3 - Interacting With Other PlayersNewbie Guide 2 - The First Five MinutesNewbie Guide 1 - Character Creation

New Items: Deathknell Gift VoucherThistlefur SandalsPathfinder PantsEnduring BreechesHeadhunter's WooliesSentry's ShieldMarauder's CloakSparkleshell CloakCaptain Rackmore's TillerSilksand TunicKhan's GlovesSarah's GuideSymbolic BreastplateVital HandwrapsBloodwoven BracersWolf Rider's Padded ArmorRavager's ArmorSteadfast BreastplateRavager's CordRavager's MantleBlue DragonscaleBlue Dragonscale ShouldersSolstice StaffPattern: Blue Dragonscale ShouldersWolf Rider's CloakChemist's RingSpaulders of ValorImpenetrable PauldronsMagister's RobesBelt of ValorBraidfur GlovesFelstone ReaverDarkmist MantleWicked Chain ChestpieceBloodwoven CloakGaea's HandwrapsVenomshroud MantleWarden's MantleJade CircletStormshroud ArmorStormshroud PantsStormshroud ShouldersLiving ShouldersChimeric VestBeheading BladeGigantic War AxeTrickster's Headress ; Heavy Scorpid HelmSteadfast BraceletsAncient LegguardsGryphon Mail CrownPattern: Living ShouldersPattern: Chimeric BootsPattern: Stormshroud PantsPattern: Frostsaber LeggingsPattern: Heavy Scorpid HelmExpert First Aid - Under WrapsManual: Heavy Silk BandageManual: Mageweave BandageMagebane ScionEssence of AirWarbringer's SabatonsArcane RobeVital LeggingsThick Scale LegguardsHeroic BracersStonecloth BritchesWicked Chain Shoulder PadsEnduring GauntletsFormidable CapeWarden's FootpadsFormula: Enchant Chest - Major HealthPattern: Chimeric VestGaea's SlippersEmbersilk MittsTyrant's BeltJade GreavesSupreme CapeThorium RifleMarauder's LeggingsRecipe: Elixir of the MongooseSymbolic BeltImposing BracersBracesteel BeltKeeper's CloakKeeper's WreathPotent ShouldersRageclaw BracersSparkleshell HeadwrapSunscorched ShellDevilsaur GauntletsJoonho's MercyChanguk SmasherJade LegplatesPraetorian WristbandsMagnificent CloakBonecaster's BootsVorpal DaggerThaumaturgist StaffResilient BootsGeomancer's Bracers32 Pound CatfishThistlefur CapStonecloth Epaulets

Updated Items: Dirty Kodo ScaleRecipe: Dig Rat StewDig Rat StewHigh Potency Radioactive FalloutKam's Walking StickTear of TilloaMusquash RootScallop ShellNightmare ShardPattern: Shadow HoodGamemaster's RobeGamemaster's SlippersBlack Drake's HeartRocket Car PartsKravel's Parts OrderShattered NecklaceThick CloakA Carefully-packed CrateExtraordinary EggFiery EnchantmentBook: Stresses of IronRecipe: Goblin Rocket FuelSpeck of Dream DustSeaforium BoosterIndurium FlakePattern: Red Mageweave VestEyepokerPlans: Invulnerable MailObsidian Power SourceTaretha's NecklaceGan'zulah's HeadNezzliok's HeadGreater FirestoneZinge's Purchase OrderSkullsplitter TuskHeart of MokkDog WhistleHefty War AxeInterlaced ShoulderpadsHardened Leather BeltTalon of TethisHead of BangalashBlocking TargeBrightcloth PantsPattern: Felcloth HoodPattern: Gem-Studded Leather BeltPattern: Frostweave PantsMana JadeCrate of Power StonesPattern: Azure Silk CloakConjured Mineral WaterGadgetzan Water Co. Care PackageOverlinked CoifJutebraid GlovesHorned Viking HelmetCentipaar Insect PartsAugural ShroudPattern: Green Silk ArmorPlans: Mithril SpursPlans: Thorium BracersPattern: Boots of the EnchanterPattern: White Bandit MaskRecipe: Purification PotionBaroque ApronVisionary BucklerWar Horn MouthpieceMaraudine Key FragmentStoley's ShipmentTroll TemperGrimtotem HornMithril Scale ShoulderSleepers' KeyClaw KeyBarrow KeyCompendium of the FallenSkull of the ColdbringerBroken Armor of Ana'thekSkullcrusher MaceSearing CoralEssence of the ExileBloodscalp TuskRecipe: Hot Wolf RibsThorium OreDarkclaw LobsterRaw Whitescale SalmonLarge Raw MightfishMightfish SteakBaked SalmonRecipe: Lobster StewRecipe: Mightfish SteakRecipe: Baked SalmonBear FlankSavage Bear ClawPlans: Iron CounterweightPressed Felt Robe

New Quests: Call of WaterHeeding the CallThe Hunt CompletedWelcome!Gakin's SummonsSharptalon's ClawSunscorched Shells

Updated Quests: Handle With CareHandle With CareRaptor MasteryRaptor MasteryThe Essence of Aku'MaiThe Prophecy of Mosh'aruFinding the SourceReturn to NessaNessa ShadowsongThe Bounty of TeldrassilFlight to AuberdineWarsong SuppliesTroll CharmTorek's AssaultKhan HrathaKhan HrathaThe Lost PagesThe Befouled ElementStonetalon StandstillShadumbra's HeadSatyr HornsSatyr Slaying!Naga at the Zoram StrandKing of the FoulwealdJe'neu of the Earthen RingFreedom to RuulBetween a Rock and a ThistlefurAshenvale OutrunnersAmongst the RuinsThe Gordunni OrbRise of the SilithidEscaping the HiveA Hero's WelcomeMissing In ActionMissing In Action

New Mobs: Deviate MoccasinShore StriderDeep StriderHornizzRockbiter


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