Caydiem Comments on Beta Status

Caydiem posted in the thread about the end of closed beta...
    We'll have more information regarding the mentioned Stress Test, Open Beta, character status, etc. over the next few days. Those of you concerned about the talents and other content not being in right now, please relax. They're done internally and we'll be releasing more information concerning what's on the way in soon. I know this makes you anxious, but please don't panic. :) Personally, I'd like to thank you all for a great gaming experience over what has been nearly a year for me. I've met many incredible people throughout the closed beta test. Thanks to the guilds I've been in, the people I've grouped with in instances and out, and all the craziness that ensued randomly. No, I won't tell you my character name. ;) See you all in the next phase! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Caydiem - Assistant Community Manager, WoW


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