October 20th Update

I want to thank everyone who has downloaded wowreader and is running it. As you can see, we have made extensive improvements to the site's interface and appreciate all of the extra information you are feeding us. And we're not done yet. Expect a lot more over the next few weeks as we get geared up for open beta and launch. New Items: Unloaded ZapperBox of Empty VialsUndelivered Parcel49 Pound RedgillHorn of VorlusJaron's SuppliesBlue-feathered AmuletGhostloom LeggingsDawn's GambitRidgewell's CrateBloated Catfish

Updated Items: 26 Pound CatfishGamemaster HoodDraped CloakCragwood MaulBattle ShieldFang of the Crystal Spider
New Quests: Marvon's WorkshopLarion and Muigin Zapper FuelSpeak with Un'thuwaThe Writhing DeepThalanaar DeliveryVorlus VilehoofElanariaThe Missing OrdersFall From GraceThe Disgraced OneEnraged WildkinEnraged WildkinThe Completed Orb of Noh'Orahil Delivery to Ridgewell Counting Out Time Updated Quests: In NightmaresWillix the ImporterReturn to Mage TymorSignal for PickupZanzil's Mixture and a Fool's StoutGet the Gnomes Drunk Report Back to FizzlebubDeviate EradicationThe Hunter's WayThe BattleboarsThe Hunt ContinuesThe Hunt BeginsSwoop HuntingSergra DarkthornWildmane CleansingWildmane TotemThunderhorn CleansingThunderhorn TotemWinterhoof CleansingPoison WaterAttack on Camp NaracheA Sacred BurialJourney into Thunder BluffRites of the EarthmotherRite of WisdomRite of VisionRite of VisionRites of the EarthmotherRite of StrengthRites of the EarthmotherA Humble TaskA Humble TaskThe Ravaged CaravanThe Ravaged CaravanSupervisor FizsprocketRising SpiritRazorhideWisdom of AgammaganAgammagan's AgilityAgammagan's StrengthSpirit of the WindGnomer-gooooone!The Sparklematic 5200!Bitter RivalsData RescueThe Unsent LetterCastpipe's TaskVahlarriel's SearchThe Defias BrotherhoodThe Defias BrotherhoodVahlarriel's SearchThe Defias BrotherhoodThe Defias BrotherhoodThe Defias BrotherhoodThe Defias BrotherhoodSpeak with ShoniCentaur BountyUnderground AssaultKhan ShakaOh Brother. . .Sigil of ThoradinThe Broken SigilCollecting MemoriesBroken TearsBrutal PoliticsOnu is meditatingThe Head of the BeastBrotherhood's EndAn Audience with the KingThe Attack!Items of Some ConsequenceThe Fury Runs DeepThe Color of BloodQuell The UprisingWhat Comes Around... Of Love and FamilyYoung Crocolisk SkinsThe Test of RighteousnessDelivering the RelicIn Search of KnowledgeIn Search of KnowledgeDelivering the RelicThe Active AgentArugal Must DieThe Book of UrDeathstalkers in ShadowfangBreastplate of the Chromatic FlightDoctor Theolen Krastinov, the ButcherBarov Family FortuneBarov Family FortunePlagued HatchlingsInto The Scarlet MonasteryMythology of the TitansCompendium of the FallenTest of LoreA Vengeful Fate Going, Going, Guano! Hearts of ZealBring the LightBring the EndExtinguishing the IdolScourge of the DownsHidden Enemies Hidden EnemiesHidden EnemiesHidden EnemiesHidden EnemiesSlaying the BeastSearching for the Lost SatchelReturning the Lost Satchel The Power to Destroy... Testing an Enemies Strength.Grime-Encrusted RingReturn of the RingGnome ImprovementA Fine MessNothing But The TruthNothing But The TruthThe Scourge CauldronsThe Scourge Cauldrons

New Mobs: Hatecrest Serpent GuardHatecrest MyrmidonLord ShalzaruHatecrest SorceressSlitherblade NagaSlitherblade OracleSlitherblade MyrmidonSlitherblade SorceressCaptured Arko'narin

Updated Mobs: Alanndarian NightsongUndead RavagerMaraudine WranglerDrysnap PincerMagrami SpectreBlaise MontgomeryBonepaw HyenaBurning Blade SummonerCork GizeltonDying KodoRigger GizeltonSearing HatchlingThargShardiStrashaz HydraZulrgTheramore DeserterBloodfen LashtailGhok'kahZanaraSearing WhelpDrywallow DaggermawOverlord Mok'MorokkLilyn DarkriverThyn'tel BladeweaverVenture Co. EngineerEldrinFalla SagewindArch Druid Hamuul RunetotemSergra DarkthornChief HawkwindInnkeeper KauthArra'cheaPyrewood ArmorerGrunt KomakGrimtotem BruteBrokespearTaskmaster WhipfangSusan TillinghastJezelle's VoidwalkerDefias PrisonerDefias InsurgentDefias ConvictTargorr the DreadCrystal FangSandfury FirecallerZenguCaretaker SmithersHigh Priest Thel'danisSalt Flats ScavengerZukk'ash StingerZukk'ash TunnelerClaire WillowerDoctor Theolen KrastinovPlagued HatchlingHoundmaster LokseyScarlet ChampionHerodScarlet Commander MograineHigh Inquisitor WhitemaneAmnennar the ColdbringerNeeru FirebladeJergosh the InvokerBazzalanLake CreeperElder Lake CreeperThrallTaragaman the HungererRahauroVarimathrasRagefire TroggRagefire ShamanTalvash del KisselBrave Running WolfWoo PingDorionAndrukCorandQuinnKartoshGrunt ZuulElder ShardtoothMoontouched OwlbeastBerserk OwlbeastIce Thistle YetiIce Thistle MatriarchIce Thistle PatriarchCrazed OwlbeastMor'vekLar'korwiGhost of the PastLegackiGaeriyanJaedenar EnforcerHorde PeonMonika SengutzSearing InfernalReginald GrimsfordWarsong ShredderHorde ShamanHorde GruntHorde DeforesterHorde Scout


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