October 11, 2004

A small update for you, keep that info coming in. New Items: Essence of the ExileFuren's InstructionsBath'rah's ParchmentFilled Containment Coffer

Updated Items: Twill BootsCeremonial Leather BeltChest of Containment CoffersCantation of ManifestationGoblin TransponderDalaran Mana Gem

New Quests: Fire Hardened MailReport to AnastasiaCyclonianGnomer-gooooone!Protect Kanati Greycloud

Updated Quests: Alliance RelationsAlliance RelationsA Solvent SpiritBefouled by SatyrFIFTY! YEP!Broodling EssenceCorrupted WindblossomCorrupted SongflowerCollection of the Corrupt WaterClear the WayCleansing FelwoodAlien EcologyBeware of PterrordaxChasing A-Me 01Chasing A-Me 01Chasing A-Me 01A Taste of FlameA Taste of FlameA Tale of SorrowA Strange Red KeyA Sticky SituationA Call to Arms: The Plaguelands! The Western Pylon The Northern Pylon The Eastern PylonInvestigate the Alchemist ShopInvestigate the Alchemist ShopHallowed RuneGathering MaterialsPrison Break InGathering MaterialsHallowed RunePrison Break In

New Mobs: Chok'sulMo'grosh MysticEnraged FelbatWarlord Krom'zar

Updated Mobs: Maurin BonesplitterInnkeeper GroskHatefury RogueHatefury BetrayerHatefury HellcallerHatefury FelswornSlavering GhoulSkeletal FlayerFrenzied PterrordaxPterrordaxA-Me 01Stephen BhartecUla'elekGrunt LogmarMaquell EbonwoodKelsuwaSen'jin WatcherXur'gylMiao'zanDeathguard PhillipDeathguard BartrandHewaSanuye RunetotemSylistaTrayexirShipmaster GrimbleRockjaw TroggZlagkErich LohanGilthares FireboughSpirit of MinshinaHegnar RumbleshotRifleman Middlecamp


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