September 13th Update

I hope everyone enjoyed the stress test. Be sure to come back when they start open beta. Like the game, our site is still in development and we hope to have a lot more to offer to you by the time the game goes live. New Items: Ruined Jumper CablesEtched TabletPiece of Krom'zar's BannerBroken Basilisk TeethAndron's LedgerDalaran Status ReportCache of Zanzil's Altered MixtureSilixiz's Tower KeyGallywix's HeadMutilated Rat CarcassInstant Poison VIDalin's HeartComar's HeartUmbral Ore

Updated Items: A Clue to Sander's TreasureAnother Clue to Sander's TreasureCaptain Sander's Booty BagCaptain Sander's Treasure MapFinal Clue to Sander's TreasureSoft Frenzy FleshMessage in a BottleTear of the MoonsDig RatChen's Empty KegRoot SampleBlinding PowderFel Steed SaddlebagsInstant Poison IIAstor's Letter of IntroductionShipment of IronHillsbrad Town RegistryKodo Horn FragmentThunder Lizard BloodThunderhawk WingsHoof of Lakota'maniEgalin's GrimoirePattern: Stylish Blue ShirtRunes of SummoningDogran's PendantKen'zigla's DraughtDirt-caked PendantRenferrel's FindingsHillsbrad Human SkullWhistle of the Crimson RaptorWhistle of the Emerald RaptorWhistle of the Ivory RaptorWhistle of the Obsidian RaptorWhistle of the Turquoise RaptorWhistle of the Violet Raptor New Quests: Tools of the TradeThe DeathstalkersMission: Possible But Not ProbableThe DeathstalkersThe DeathstalkersRune-Inscribed TabletCounterattack!Deep CoverDevourer of SoulsLakota'maniGrey Iron WeaponsIronband's CompoundTormus DeepforgeHearts of the PureBlind CazulDevourer of SoulsKen'zigla's DraughtNews of DogranNews of Dogran

Updated Quests: Captain Sander's Hidden TreasureCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureThe Demon Scarred CloakRoot SamplesRoot SamplesThe DeathstalkersRoot SamplesThe Demon Scarred CloakThe DeathstalkersBattle of HillsbradBattle of HillsbradBattle of HillsbradBattle of HillsbradCry of the CloudscraperEnraged StormsnoutsThe BindingThe BindingCry of the ThunderhawkEnraged Thunder LizardsIsha AwakIsha AwakCry of the ThunderhawkEnraged Thunder LizardsIsha AwakHalgar's SummonsCreature of the VoidNara WildmaneSeek Redemption!Journey to Hillsbrad FoothillsSeek Redemption!Dogran's CaptivityThe BindingLove's GiftNara WildmaneHalgar's SummonsCreature of the VoidSeek Redemption!Nara WildmaneDogran's CaptivityLove's GiftThe BindingJourney to Hillsbrad Foothills

New Mobs: Dalinda MalemStrashaz SirenStrashaz HydraChimaera MatriarchSilithid RavagerBurning Blade AdeptBurning Blade FelswornBurning Blade ShadowmageVerog the DervishGerenzo WrenchwhistleVenture Co. EngineerVenture Co. Machine SmithStonearmVenture Co. BuilderNizzikGrunt DogranDeathsworn CaptainWithervine Mire BeastDalin Forgewright ProjectionComar Villard ProjectionFoe Reaper 4000GesharahanLord PythasBoahnNaralexKikniklePizznukleKreenig SnarlsnoutEnforcer EmilgundWatch Commander ZalaphilDeath's Head CultistGeolord MottleRazorfen ThornweaverRazormane MysticGhost Howl


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