August 06, 2004

This update is actually larger than it appears, when I add fashion images, the items do not show on the update. But they are there! You can see examples on Verigan's Fist, Double Link Mail Tunic, & Phalanx Spaulders. If you have any fashion or mob shots you would like to submit, just e-mail me: Don't forget to check out the five newest Blizzard Fan Art too! New Items: Fine EggOrdinary EggExtraordinary EggBad EggSpectral Plate Girdle

Updated Items: Untapped Dowsing WidgetTapped Dowsing WidgetCrumpled NoteGoblin Power Shovel

Updated Quests: Tools of the HighborneSeeking the Kor GemThe Test of RighteousnessBashal'AranThe Stockade RiotsSyndicate AssassinsCrushridge WarmongersCrushridge BountyBartolo's Yeti Fur CloakCostly MenaceHints of a New Plague?Hints of a New Plague?Soothing Turtle BisqueDown the CoastGadgetzan Water SurveyGadgetzan Water Survey

New Mobs: OcculusScorpid Duneburrower

Updated Mobs: Thundris WindweaverAsterionWarden ThelwaterBartolo GinsettiDarren MalvewKineloryQuaeTorn Fin OracleTorn Fin TidehunterLieutenant Farren OrinelleChef JessenYoung Stranglethorn Tiger


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