A Little More Database Luvin'

New Items: Horned Viking HelmetDragon's CallVerdant SigilCorrupted Kor GemInvisibility PotionChilled Basilisk HaunchYellow Punch CardBlue Punch CardHeavy Leaden Collection PhialHigh Potency Radioactive Fallout

Updated Items: Super Reaper 6000 BlueprintsSealed EnvelopeRecovered TomeWorn Leather BookFrostmane Chain VestBug EyeYeti FurPattern: Barbaric BeltDefias GunpowderDwarven TinderCresting CharmGoggles of Gem HuntingDirty KnucklebonesHeartswoodCrate of Lightforge IngotsGhoulfangSticky IchorGiant Clam MeatLetter of Commendation

New Quests: James HyalVerdant SigilA Meal Served ColdThe Test of RighteousnessThe Only Cure is More Green Glow

Updated Quests: Find AgmondJames HyalBlessed ArmArmed and ReadyJames HyalFind AgmondBlessed ArmPreserving KnowledgeArmed and ReadyPreserving KnowledgeCostly MenaceCrushridge BountyMorgan SternThe Missing DiplomatThe Missing DiplomatThe Missing DiplomatMorgan SternCrushridge BountyNek'rosh's GambitSoothing Turtle BisqueCostly MenaceThe Missing DiplomatNek'rosh's GambitSoothing Turtle Bisque

New Mobs: Miner JohnsonShadow ChargerRuul OnestoneSentinel Velene StarstrikeHealing Stream Totem IVGhoulIlkrud MagthrullBalgaras the FoulFlagglemurk the CruelDark Iron EntrepreneurBhaldaran RavenshadeShandrinaUlthaanDanlaar NightstrideIverronBraug DimspiritJaylaBurning LegionnaireFel Slayer


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