July 28, 2004

I have been adding some fashion type images in. I think it's nice to know what a piece of armor or clothing is going to look like before you bind it to your soul FOREVER, and find out it's too ugly for even a dwarf! So, here is an example of what I have been working on: Lucky Fishing Hat. So, if you feel like a submit for some fashion, or anything else, just mail me at darkflame@allakhazam.com. Thanks! Now a few news links for you and an update: Updated Items: Strider StewDeepfury's OrdersTainted PierceOnyx Claymore

Updated Quests: The Missing DiplomatThe Missing DiplomatLightforge IronBring the LightA Noble BrewA Noble BrewThe Thandol SpanThe Thandol SpanThe Thandol SpanMalin's RequestUncovering the PastThe GreenwardenIn Search of The Excavation TeamIn Search of The Excavation TeamA Grim TaskThe Ancient StatuetteSupplies to AuberdineThe Zoram StrandRuuzelRaene's CleansingRaene's CleansingRaene's CleansingRaene's CleansingRaene's CleansingCall to ArmsCall to ArmsWorth Its Weight in GoldThe Dark Iron WarWorth Its Weight in GoldThe Dark Iron WarThe Missing DiplomatRaptor ThievesTribes at WarTroll Necklace Bounty {Faction}The Missing DiplomatThe Missing DiplomatThe Missing DiplomatThe Missing DiplomatThe Missing DiplomatThe Missing DiplomatThe Missing DiplomatThe Missing Diplomat

New Mobs: SkuertoAndrod FadranCedrik ProseCaptain NialsJannos IronwillApprentice KrytenVikki LonsavHammon KarwnDrovnar StrongbrewNarj Deepslice

Updated Mobs: Dashel StonefistAmnennar the ColdbringerRethiel the GreenwardenMerrin RockweaverLongbraid the GrimRaene WolfrunnerSentinel Elissa StarbreezeBloodtooth GuardRan BloodtoothShael'drynTeronis' CorpseTapoke Slim JahnElling TriasVrok BlunderblastUthrokThulbekKajaIrene SureshotHenry ChapalHogor ThunderhoofNicholas AtwoodKennah HawkseyeHegnar RumbleshotBretta GoldfuryLina StoverGrimand ElmoreSunscale LashtailSunscale ScreecherSunscale ScytheclawWatcher KeeferWatcher RoyceDonyal TovaldTavernkeep SmittsLord Ello EbonlockeOld Town ThugWatcher JanWatcher BackusBryan CrossShambling SkeletonInsane GhoulScott CarevinViktori Prism'AntrasClerk DaltryStitchesGerik KoenMayda ThaneBrother CassiusAntonio PerelliWatchmaster SorigalCrier GoodmanLenny "Fingers" McCoy


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