July 06, 2004

A little sumpin' sumpin' fer ya! New Items: Heavy Mithril HelmWhite SparklerValorous LeggingsDrake-scale VestMonolithic BowSupercharger Battle AxePattern: Tough Scorpid BootsTurtle ScalePattern: Dark Leather GlovesRicochet26 Pound CatfishWill of the Mountain GiantRed SparklerBlue SparklerFel Steed Saddlebags

Updated Items: Threshadon FangWispy CloakBloodspillerRuthless ShivWebbed PantsDuskbringerDark Leather GlovesThug PantsThug BootsBrawler's PantsBrawler's BootsStiches' FemurLight BowStormfire GauntletsRusted Chain BootsThe State of LakeshireThe General's ResponseBeaded Raptor CollarLight Chain BeltDirty Leather BootsDefias ScriptAncestral CloakForsaken Bastard SwordLight Chain LeggingsLight Chain BootsSolomon's Plea to WestfallStoutmantle's Response to SolomonHead of Gath'IlzoggWhirlwind AxePattern: Gloves of the DevoutRecipe: Cooked Crab ClawGoblin Jumper CablesGreen Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 21Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 25Battle Chain GirdlePlans: Golden Scale LeggingsRipped Prospector BeltBirchwood MaulStonevault BonebreakerDouble Mail BootsNovice's RobeApprentice's RobeNeophyte's RobePutrid ClawCross-stitched CloakPatched Leather JerkinDirty Leather BeltDirty Leather BracersRolf and Malakai's MedallionsDirty Leather GlovesStormwind Armor MarkerPattern: Blue Linen VestMusty MissiveGreen Whelp BracersScarlet Crusade DocumentsShiny SeashellTorn Murloc FinTigerseyeFenrus' HideLaced PumpkinLarge Blue SackPattern: Green Whelp ArmorSteelscale CrushfishSmoldering RobeRock ChipperSwampchill FetishBlue Leather BagMedium HidePlains RingSolliden's TrousersPattern: Hillman's BeltScroll of IntellectSmall Locked ChestTablet of Restoration IIIScarlet ArmbandRugged Mail VestTribal BootsDiscombobulator RayAccurate ScopeBlurred Axe

Updated Quests: Messenger to WestfallMessenger to Westfall

New Mobs: Arantir's ShadowCrawlerExplosive SheepDefias Tower PatrollerKlaven MortwakeDefias Tower Sentry

Updated Mobs: Murloc Minor Tidecaller


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