June 25th Update

We keep adding to the database. New Items: Dwarf Captain's SwordTruesilver GauntletsTruesilver BreastplateDazzling Mithril RapierFaded Shadowhide PendantNature Protection PotionSpirewind FetterOscillating Power HammerIchor of UndeathPlans: Craftsman's MonocleBattlefield DestroyerTough Scorpid BracersStoneslayerEnergy CloakImperial Leather CloakAegis of StormwindTome of DivinityRuned Mithril HammerHi-tech SupergunPattern: Deviate Scale CloakPattern: Deviate Scale Gloves

Updated Items: Restoring BalmDark Iron CrossbowUmbral MaceDragonmaw Chain BootsGoblin Jumper CablesTomb DustCraftsman's MonocleArctic BucklerDreamslayerGlowing Shadowhide PendantRipped Prospector BeltFeathered CapeLunar BucklerBlack Metal War AxeElder's RobePristine Spider SilkRecipe: Elixir of FortitudeUmbral DaggerPronged ReaverBeastial ManaclesFrostmane ShortswordGaze Dreamer PantsShadowhide ScalperTorn Murloc FinBuzz SawFeathered HeaddressHildelve's JournalStalvan's ReaperMangy ClawForeman's Boots

New Quests: Astral Knot GarmentPristine Spider SilkTheocritus' RetrievalThe Tome of DivinityThe Tome of DivinityThe Tome of DivinityThe Tome of Divinity

Updated Quests: To Steal From ThievesThe Book of UrThe BindingThe DeathstalkersMennet CarkadCreature of the VoidHalgar's SummonsBride of the EmbalmerTranslation to ElloTranslate Abercrombie's NoteMorbent FelArmed and ReadyBlessed ArmLightforge IronThe Lost IngotsSkullsplitter TusksThe Green Hills of StranglethornCracking Maury's FootDolanaar DeliveryFields of GriefFields of GriefAt War With The Scarlet CrusadeA New PlagueA Putrid TaskNight Web's HollowAn Old History BookVile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!The Bloodsail BuccaneersThe Bloodsail BuccaneersKeep An Eye OutNorthfold ManorWanted! Otto and FalconcrestForsaken DiseasesInsane DruidsPridewings of StonetalonThe Princess TrappedUr's Treatise on Shadow MagicThunderbrew LagerBingles's Missing SuppliesMessenger to StormwindElmore's TaskThe Lost PilotBounty on MurlocsA Pilot's RevengeBounty on MurlocsProtecting the HerdThe Lost PilotA Pilot's RevengeProtecting the Herd

New Mobs: Murloc NightcrawlerKyleEricJayChatterEmerald WhelplingClyde RanthalMorganthWilma RanthalMinion of MorganthMorgan LadimoreTharil'zunMarshal HaggardKatie HunterHorsePilot HammerfootMangeclawRallic FinnDrake Lindgren


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