Retaking Lordaeron -- Role-Playing Event

This event information was posted last week and I must have missed it! However I saw it just in time to pass along the information to those of you that are in beta and may like to attend. It should be fun for all, even if you don't partake in roleplay. The event takes place tomorrow evening 6pm PDT (9pm EDT). The following is a copy of this thread by Salaris on the beta boards. The post includes in character and out of character text.
    In-Character Invitation: My friends and companions of the Alliance, Too long has the shadow of the Forsaken loomed over the once-hallowed walls of Lordaeron. The city -- and indeed, the entire land -- of Lordaeron was our last refuge in the Second War, when mighty Azeroth was sundered by the might of the fearsome Horde. To many of us, Lordaeron is home; it is the birthplace of countless heroes, and the grave of countless others. We cannot allow this taint to remain upon the blessed homeland of so many noble men and women. The time has come to strike back against the Horde, and purge the Foraken who now desecrate the final resting place of so many of our fallen. We have the might, the courage, and the wisdom to succeed in such an assault. Though our supply lines have recently come under heavy assault, I suspect that half a fortnight -- one week's time -- should be sufficient to rearm ourselves for the attack. I suspect that copies of this letter and our plans will be found by the members of the Horde, and they will bring many to strike us down. I, for one, do not fear their wrath; we will prepare as best we can, and fight to reclaim what is rightfully ours. This assault is likely to be one of the most dangerous in the war thus far, and as such, there is no shame in staying behind if you have not yet perfected your abilities. In these desperate times, we will turn noone down; if you choose, anyone may attend the raid, however, it will clearly be more deadly to those who are not well trained and outfitted. We will rally in the small Alliance city of Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills at six o' clock if there are no changes of plans. If our scouts indicate that there would be a time when the city is less heavily defended, I will send further notice. Until then, be safe and prepare yourselves, my brothers and sisters. May the Holy Light be with you all in these dark times. -Salaris, Knight of the 1st Fist of Light
    Out-of-Character: This event is on the NORMAL server, NOT the PVP server. To be clear, the raid is on next *Friday*, not Saturday. I, like Blizzard, am on Pacific Time. =) As the letter indicates, this is an in-character role-playing event, consisting on an attempted raid on the Undercity and the rest of the Tirisfal Glades. The staging point will be Southsore, and all classes and levels will be permitted. Keep in mind we will be fighting NPCs up to 90th level, and try to be familiar with the tactics that your class should use against such NPCs. Since it is very difficult to land spells or hits against such enemies, things like damage shields and debuffs are especially important. My in-game name is "Salaris", identical to on these forums, and I'd be glad to talk about the event at any time in-game. I would perfer that people post here, however, since that way everyone can see the questions and answers, etc. I'm also very open to any suggestions, alterations, etc. We will organize the raid through a large chat group, which will be called "Lordaeron". To join this chat in-game, type /join Lordaeron. You will be able to speak in chat by typing /[number], where [number] is the number assigned to that chat. By default, this would be 3, if general and trade are already open. Thus, I would type /3 Hi. To say "Hi." in the chat group. I will function as both the raid leader and main assist for the raid unless there is a change of plans. I will likely designate scouts and sub-leaders during the raid as well; if you are not in a leadership role, make sure you know who these people are and listen to them carefully. I find it extremely unlikely we'll find any passable loot, and as such, normal loot goes where it falls. If a unique, rare, or otherwise unusual item drops, we will distribute it on a raid-wide "Need Before Greed" system. Those who can use the item immediately are given the highest priority, followed by those who can use them within a few levels or points of in a skill, etc. If the item is an upgrade on existing gear for one player and not another, the player who needs the item is given priority. Those who are equally eligible will use a /random 100 roll to determine who gets the item. Those who cannot use the item can only roll if there is noone who is more eligible. I am open to other options, however, this seems generic and pretty fair to me at a glance. I will post more information on this thread as I have it. Horde members, you're welcome to oppose us of course; that's half the fun. I'd ask that you try to do so in-character as well, though obviously I have no way of enforcing or even encouraging that. If anyone has any questions, ask away here. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of role-playing in general, the boards have a large FAQ stickied in the WoW Role-Playing section. Plea to Blizzard: If possible, I would highly appreciate it if some GMs could come out and possess the main Horde leader NPCs and actually role-play some opposition. Obviously, this may not be possible or viable, but it clearly would be pretty awesome. Let's face it, who doesn't want to beat the hell out of Sylvannas? =)


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I got some pictures of this event, however after crashing a couple of times, I didn't get to see the end :(

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