Landmark Update and EQNext Design Interview

Listen to our SOE Live chat with EQNext Senior Producer Terry Michaels.

SOE Live 2014 was a crazy time for everyone involved, for no one more so than the SOE staff themselves. That's why, after a couple of hiccups and conflicts while trying to find time to speak with Terry Michaels (Senior Producer for EverQuest Next and Landmark), I was amazed at the trouble they went to just to make sure we got a chance to chat about MMOs.

Even Omeed helped.

After a false start or two, chat we did, starting off with some of the reveals from the keynotes and panels; the conversation soon turned to wider ideas and philosophies of MMO games.

From telegraphs and user-generated content to the importance of crafting and the 'single-player MMO' mindset, we covered a wide range of topics that gave a few hints on the future of these two new kinds of game.

I'd like to offer a special thank you to fellow SOE Live attendee Strahde for letting me know Mr. Michaels was looking for me – a fine specimen of the awesome SOE community you are, sir.


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