C9 Supporting Package Item Giveaway

Grab a free package to support your Continent of the Ninth Seal char here!

The Continent of the Ninth Seal team is running its own free level 50 character giveaway! To celebrate and help out your new character, we've teamed up with Webzen for a Supporting Package Item Giveaway! Here's how to get yours:

Redemption Instructions

The C9 Supporting Package ($10 value) includes:

  • PC Café Premium Service - Extra EXP/Stamina/Dungeon clear reward
  • Extreme Training x5 (1 hour) – Extra EXP
  • Skill Reset Scroll (14 days) – Can reset Skill
  • School Gear Set (7 days) – Costume
  • Resurrection Scroll x5 – Can revive in Dungeon
  • Soul: Prelude of Storm (7 days) – Gives extra status

Go get your free Continent of the Ninth Seal Supporting Package now!


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