Skyforge: Cryomancer Reveal

Masters of ice, the Cryomancer is both versatile and powerful on the battlefield.

Obsidian Entertainment has revealed one of Skyforge's starting classes: the Cryomancer. This class can dish out massive amounts of damage and, while geared for distance fighting, can rebuff enemies who get too close. It specializes in offensive and crowd control abiltiies.

Cryomancer Abiltiies

  • Cryonic Pulse: Basic offense that can trigger Shattered Storm or Freezing Gale
  • Icy Missile: Basic offense that can have varied effects such as Icy Thorn or Icy Dart
  • Snowball: Ranged crowd control that stuns and knocks enemies down
  • Ice Statue: Diversion tactic that distracts opponents and potentially immobilizes them
  • Whiteout: Offensive ice storm that slows down and damages enemies
  • Northern Breeze: Finisher that can deal a fatal blow when enemy is low on health
  • Frost Shackles: The Cryomancer's ultimate ability, which surrounds the character in an ice dome and dishes out damage to all enemies caught within

More abilities will be revealed later on in a special section on the official site. The Cryomancer will be versitile against one or many enemies and is sure to be a boon in group combat. Passive talents will affect the power of attacks, their cooldowns and their cryogen cost, and should be chosen wisely to best enhance your style of gameplay.

Most Cryomancer abilities are instant cast which gives the character versatility to move around the battlefield and keep at range. This class is highly dynamic and combat proficiency is easy to learn, but its development contains enough depth and variety that it will require a lot of skill to truly master, which is why it is recommended for most beginners!

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Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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