Heroes of the Storm Talent System Detailed

A new video details the intuitive talent system in Heroes of the Storm.


Heroes of the Storm may still be in alpha but that hasn't stopped the game from garnering a significant amount of attention from the MOBA community. Blizzard has implemented a number of systems into HotS that sets it apart from the standard MOBA crowd.

An example of these unique systems comes in the form of the game's talent system. This system allows the player to tailor heroes to their playstyle or what is unfolding as the match progresses. Every few levels players are given choices on how they wish their skills to evolve. Skills will take on different effects depending on the path that players choose through the talent system.

While it is similar to leveling skills in other MOBAs, the talent system allows for skills to take on different uses depending on how players treat the talent system. This opens up potential teamplay options, as choosing the correct talents to suit your teams' specific needs will do a large part in dictating how a match plays out. Blizzard is placing an emphasis on using the talent system in conjunction with teammates, while also hinting at a system that allows you to take enemy talent builds into account as well when deciding on which talents to choose.

The emphasis on teamplay, coupled with the talent system creates a unique take on the MOBA genre. Blizzard seems to be doing a successful job at carving out a place for themselves in an already crowded genre. It remains to be seen if systems such as Heroes of the Storm's take on talents are embraced by the MOBA community. Do you think that the talent system is a welcome addition in Heroes of the Storm? Let us know in the comments below!

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