Curse of Naxxramas Due Out in July

Blizzard is set to release their first Hearthstone Adventure in July!


Blizzard has finally opened up about when anxious fans will finally have their hands on Hearthstone's first content expansion Curse of NaxxramasHearthstone Community Manager Aratil detailed the release window in a forum post stating:

"Just wanted to give everyone a head's up that we are currently targeting to release Curse of Naxxramas during the month of July. Unfortunately, we still have a lot of implementing and bug fixing to get through, so please stay tuned!

"With that said, we are also targeting to reveal pricing details regarding Curse of Naxxramas next week on July 1st, so please keep an eye out for that."

This evening a delay in the announcement of pricing details was announced:

"There have been quite a few questions regarding this, so I'm going to try my best to answer it here.

"Adventure Mode is a completely new thing for us; in fact, Hearthstone itself is still quite new. There are a lot of factors to consider when determining pricing and we want it to feel accessible to newer players as well as obtainable by players who do not wish to spend real money. This requires not only a lot of research on our part, but also a lot of back and forth on what could work and what won't. In fact, it took us a while to even determine that we wanted to separate the Curse of Naxxramas Adventure Mode into different wings.

"With that said, when I originally announced that we were targeting to announce Naxxramas pricing details on July 1st, I did not realize that we were still going through one last round of internal review regarding the pricing details, so you can definitely blame that one on me. We're close though!"

The expansion will add a new game board, a single-player adventure, and 30 new cards that expand an already-diverse range of options. If you are interested in the game and building a killer deck, cruise over to Hearthhead for in-depth coverage of all things Hearthstone.

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