H1Z1: E3 Gameplay Demo

Three weeks after the noise of E3, H1Z1 emerges with an "E3" gameplay demo.

SOE knows that most of us couldn't travel to E3 and play H1Z1 for ourselves. While we saw the demo at E3, but we couldn't share the full experience. To fix that, Game Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt grabs a hatchet and explores the world, fleshing out their world of rotting flesh.

AI and combat still looks a bit silly, but the game is starting to get some polish and direction. Crafting is starting to make sense. Environments are gaining some ambience. It’s actually a good watch for anyone whose curiosity still lingers for H1Z1.

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor

Tags: E32014, H1Z1, News


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