Azeroth Choppers - Which Faction Will Win the War?

Which faction will win the war? Voting starts May 30th!

Paul Jr of American Chopper fame has been hard at work for the past six weeks creating two real-life choppers for World of Warcraft, one to represent the Alliance, and the other, the Horde. This week, WoW players will get to vote on which one is the best, with the winning chopper to go into the game as a mount for the victorious faction.

Azeroth Choppers has been an online web series, with short episodes released weekly on World of Warcraft's official YouTube channel. Over the course of six weeks we've got to see the design and fabrication process, as well as a little drama along the way, with a looming deadline and design disagreements.

Overall the show has been entertaining to watch, but the question on everybody's lips is: who will win?

As an Alliance player, my opinion is completely biased. I want my faction to be riding around in-game, flaunting our winning chopper for all the Horde to see. However, there has been much debate as to just how much of a one-horse-race this competition will be, with Horde players thought to have the loudest voice and the most passion.

So my question is, who will you be voting for? Will you vote for what you consider to be the best bike, or will you vote for your faction?

Episode 7 of Azeroth Choppers airs May 29, with voting to start the following day. It's time to pick a side!

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