World of Warcraft Crash Courses

Official videos are now available to guide boosted 90s.

World of Warcraft players who purchase in-game character boosts are now being offered helpful advice on how to play their fresh level 90s, in official 'crash course' videos released by Blizzard themselves. 

The 2-3 minute long videos, made by Community Manager Lore, are designed to be a brief introduction to each of the eleven classes available, giving players the tools they need in order to start enjoying content right away. Each video focuses on the simplest of class specializations and features an overview of important abilities that should be used.

With World of Warcraft's 5th expansion, Warlords of Draenor, due to release later this year, Blizzard currently offers a free character boost with every pre-order. This enables new players to enjoy endgame content right away, while also offering returning players the ability to rejoin their friends without having to level their old characters.

“They're intended to give you a starting point that you can start playing immediately and then learn from, not teach you everything,” CM Lore wrote on Twitter regarding the videos. “For that reason, they focus on one of the simplest specs to jump into quickly and still be marginally effective. Not necessarily top DPS. This is as much a crash course for us as it is for a viewer. We'll be taking feedback and considering it for future updates.”

Have you recently boosted a character to level 90 only to feel overwhelmed by the amount of class abilities available? Check out the Crash Course videos, viewable now on World of Warcraft's official YouTube channel!

Have fun in game!


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They needed to do more with it.
# May 20 2014 at 8:49 PM Rating: Excellent
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They only cover 1 DPS spec, and some of the choices are odd (not everybody plays a Survival Hunter for example) and some of the information is flat out wrong (like Ret Paladin).

For Ret Paladin..... you _do not_ open with Crusader Strike, then Judgment, and last Exorcism.

You open with Exorcism first.

Why? Art of War frequently procs within the first 3 seconds of battle. 2-3 out of 5 battles are this way with me. Any time Art of War procs and Exorcism is NOT on Cooldown, that's a wasted Proc.

Scenario A, Opened with Crusader Strike:

Crusader Strike
(Art of War procs)
Everything is on CD, 3 HoPo gained in 3 GCDs.

Scenario B, Opened with Exorcism:

(Art of War procs)
Crusader Strike
Everything is on CD, 4 HoPo gained in 4 GCDs
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