Guild Wars 2: Festival of the Four Winds

To celebrate the launch of GW2 China, ANet is hosting a global in-game festival.

Guild Wars 2 China will have its official release this Thursday, May 15th. To celebrate the launch, ArenaNet is hosting the first global festival that will launch in all regions. Festival of the Four Winds will release on May 20th for the North America and European regions.

In Festival of the Four Winds, players will see the return of the Zephyrites who have come back to honor the spirit of their trade agreement with Lion's Arch. Players will participate in challenges and activities in an effort to raise funds for the rebuilding of Lion's Arch. Included in the challenges is the return of the Queen's Gauntlets, which itself will have some new foes for players to fight.

ArenaNet and KongZhong have worked together for 18 months, along with feedback from Chinese players and guild leaders, to get Guild Wars 2 ready for China. This included translating millions of words, dubbing tens of thousands of voice over lines and refitting hundreds of game features and systems. This work doesn't stop here, as Festival of the Four Winds is the first step in ArenaNet and KongZhong's commitment to synchronize all upcoming releases across all regions.

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