WildStar "Devs Unleashed Part One" Recap

As WildStar launches into open beta, the Carbine Studios devs take to Twitch to talk to the fans.

Miss the WildStar "Devs Unleashed" livestream on Thursday? Fear not, because we have the recap here just for you! Open Beta is going on as we speak and the devs over at Carbine Studios are here to talk to you about starting your journey on Planet Nexus.

Prepare for the Devs Unleashed: Part One!

During the livestream we were joined by Carbine's very own Product Director, Mike Donatelli, Creative Director, Chad Moore, Producer, Stephan Frost and its Development Director, Mat Mocarski. Along with informing players about all of the content WildStar has to offer, the team also had some pretty bold statements to say about their game, reflecting their confidence in it's success.

"If you are going to sell an MMO for the box price with a $15 subscription you got to give them the value. Month after month we will release more content for every play style.” Said Mike Donatelli

"We have an entire expansion worth of content that we plan to launch over the next 12 months, we have a whole zone that’s coming in the very first patch post-launch.

We have the best damn MMO that you’re going to play this year. Period. End"

Additionally, Stephan Frost also announced that the latest DevSpeak Video detailing WildStar's raids, will drop on Tuesday, May 13th.

"The 40 man Raid is bat s$@# insane" said Mike Donatelli

"We definitely have the best Raids of any MMO" added Frost.

Despite having large amounts of confidence in their game the team encourages fans, and newcomers alike, to go sign up for open beta, grab a key and see the game for themselves. If you've played in any of the previous WildStar betas then all you need to do is jump in the game and start playing. Open Beta began May 8th and will be running until May 18th as the team prepares for WildStar's May 31st early access and June 3rd launch.

For continued information, updates and news surrounding WildStar, keep it locked to ZAM.

See you on Nexus!

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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