Elder Scrolls Online: Craglorn "Ask Us Anything"

Have questions since the Craglorn reveal? We have answers! (specifically, 11)

From the looks of it, Craglorn is looking good. After enjoying the recent Elder Scrolls Online reveal, we had two new questions for every question it answered. Luckily, Zenimax Online continues their "Ask Us Anything" series with a Craglorn-specific edition. If you're low on time, here's our run-down:


  • Each alliance has a separate, but identical, version of Craglorn (like Coldharbour).
  • You can enter Trials from the physical entrance or the Group Finder.
  • While Trials are timed, you aren't limited to a specific time.
  • Trial length varies by group, ranging from ~30m to 1.5h depending on experience / skill.
  • Trials currently allow 60 resurrections – but this may change.
  • Craglorn and the Trials will range from Veteran Rank 11-12, but you can visit at VR 1+.
  • Rewards aren't limited to the very top of the Trial leaderboard. 

Everything Else

  • No new racial motifs.
  • Celestials are a new concept, based on the existing Elder Scrolls lore on constellations.
  • Overland terrain isn't instanced, but much of Craglorn is. (delves, points of interest)
  • Not every new zone will be an Adventure Zone like Craglorn.

Pulling from the constellation lore for Celestials is a great idea. Constellations haven't always been used to their full potential, so we're excited to see where Craglorn takes the idea.

Also, a parting quote from the Q&A:

"You could potentially go into (a Trial) solo, but the first group ... would wipe the floor with you."

Challenge accepted.

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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