TESO: Reddit AMA, FAQ & Adventure Zones!

Zenimax answers questions on Reddit and publishes launch and adventure zone info.

A week before the first early access to Elder Scrolls Online, Matt Firor (game director), Nick Konkle (lead gameplay designer), Paul Sage (creative director) and Brian Wheeler (lead PvP designer) gave an extensive Ask Me Anything on Reddit. Zenimax later posted a recap on the official website as well as an extensive launch FAQ and information on the road ahead.

Finally, news about the long awaited Adventure Zones were disclosed!

Below you’ll find a recap of all those news, breaching Adventure Zones, PvP, PvE, social and guild information, skills, launch information and more!

Veteran Levels and Adventure Zones

  • After level 50, you can play PvP in Cyrodiil as a solo/duo, a gank squad taking farms and resources or as large groups tackling keeps.
  • You can play as solo/duo in PvE after finishing your Alliance content. At Veteran Rank 1 you can travel anywhere in the first or second alliance you want to go. When you meet the qualifications for opening up the third alliance, the entirety of the current game world is open to you.
  • For group-based Veteran PvE experience you can delve into the six available Veteran Dungeons.
  • The first ESO Adventure Zone is called Craglorn, a zone that is situated between Hammerfell and Cyrodiil. This is a zone similar to a standard PvE zone but built for a group of four. There is an overland story, with dungeons instanced to your group (with a boss and a Skyshard), events similar to Dark Anchors, story areas that are similar to very large dungeons, little events, a full storyline and quests, more crafting opportunities, and entries to the Trials, the large-group Veteran PvE content.
  • The twelve-person group PvE content is called Trials. There is a staging area where you can plan your attack and the Trial itself which is a zone with a limited number of resurrections and a running clock. Deaths add a time penalty, but if you turn in a great time, you’ll make it to leaderboards. The enemies you face in a Trial will be difficult, while the surroundings are some of the most beautiful places in ESO.


  • For the time being there are no plans to put in duels as they want player vs. player combat focused on Cyrodiil, fighting the enemy, not your friends. For the future they’ll be paying close attention to what players ask for, whether it's sport style PvP, Arenas, or adding more Keeps or caves to Cyrodiil or different campaigns.
  • All PvP campaigns will have the same ruleset, but they are taking steps to ensure that UI mods won't give players an advantage in PvP over a player that doesn't have one.
  • There is a scoring balance system and they are working on a population imbalance scoring addition, so that when you have a Campaign with either a lopsided score or lopsided population, the two Alliances on the lower end will get more points for capturing keeps, and more alliance points per kill.
  • They will be adjusting difficulty of keeps and NPC defenders as the game goes on past launch to adjust for player power gains via Veteran Ranks.
  • Alliance points are attainable by healing players besides just killing them, so in terms of individual class imbalance (which usually means 'why do healers always get screwed!'), players are on equal footing depending on their loadout.
  • There are discussions about adding more PvP Quests in Cyrodiil or simply making the “Kill 20 players” quest more available around the Keeps instead of back at the home portal Keeps.
  • For now, Mercenaries are a stationary defense but they are looking at adding different archetypes to them such as Archers.
  • They tried adding dark Anchors next to keeps or resources but it got a bit too crazy, so they dropped the idea.
  • For a time, the location of Elder Scrolls wasn’t shown on the map, but it posed problems in the chat so they decided to show the locations.
  • The Imperial City is currently closed on purpose by Molag Bal. More info will be disclosed at a later date.

Find more on PvE, social and guild facilities, items and skills on page 2!

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