Guild Wars 2: Feature Pack - Wardrobe

The latest reveal for the upcoming April 15th GW2 Feature Patch is the Wardrobe.

The April 15th patch for Guild Wars 2 is bringing in a lot of new features to the game. Over the next couple weeks, ArenaNet will be revealing each of the major features that make up the patch. Last week, they revealed the overhauled trait system, critical damage changes and updated rune and sigils. Today they are talking about the new Wardrobe system.

The Wardrobe is an account-wide system that will allow players to collect all the looks in the game. The Wardrobe UI is located in the Hero Panel and will be the new home for transmutation. Here players will be able to select one of the equipment slots and select any of the skins that are already unlocked in the wardrobe. After choosing a selection, saving the changes is as easy as hitting Apply, as long as you have enough transmutation charges.

Transmutation charges are essentially a currency version of the old transmutation stone and crystals. After the update, players will be able to use their old stones and crystals to convert them into charges. Three stones will unlock 1 charge, while a single crystal will give a single charge. One charge is then used for changing a single item's appearance. One benefit to this system is that players will be able to select multiple new skins to see how they look together before applying them all at once. So you can change 5 skins and use 5 charges without having to change each individually like the current transmutation system.

So how do you unlock skins in your Wardrobe? Skins are unlocked by using consumables (like skin items), equipping items, salvaging equipment, or by right-clicking on equipment and selecting the option to account-bind it. Items that are already account-bound when acquired will automatically be added into your Wardrobe. Items that were used up through skin progression will also be unlocked when the later, or more advanced, version unlocked. For example, having a Legendary weapon unlocked in your Wardrobe will also unlock the skin for the precursor that was used to create it. In addition to this, items that were transmuted before the patch will unlock the skin for both items that were used up in the transmutation process, so players won't need to worry about buying a splitter before the patch to get that long lost skin.

Lastly, Town Clothes are being retired. Outfits, such as the Pirate Captain's Outfit, are now being combined into a single outfit skin item that will fit into a separate appearance slot. Outfits will now replace the look of the equipped armor and won't require Transmutation Charges to use. Singular town clothes items such as the various hats will be unlocked in the wardrobe and usable with any armor weight as armor skins.

The Wardrobe in the Hero's Panel will only show the skins that players have unlocked, making it easy to find and select a new skin to use. Players wanting to see all of the available skins in the game (including which they have and have not unlocked), will be able to find them all in the new Wardrobe Storage vault tab located in the bank window. The Wardrobe Storage vault will be a place for players to see which skins they are missing as well as preview them.

The Wardrobe is not the only thing being revealed today, as ArenaNet has another blog post for today covering the new and improved account-wide dye system.

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Love it!
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I think this is pretty much perfect. Going to be such a game-changer in my opinion.
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