Hearthstone Deck Tech: Antonidas Mage

Join HS Spacewizard as he features a deck using the Archmage Antonidas card.

HS Spacewizard is back with another Hearthstone Deck Tech, this time showcasing his Antonidas Mage deck. This deck utilizes the legendary Archmage Antonidas card and is geared to force your opponent into playing their removal spells.

The decklist for the Antonidas Mage deck tech is available on Hearthhead (budget version). You can follow HS Spacewizard on Twitter @hsspacewizard and check out the ZAMOfficial YouTube Channel for more Hearthstone Deck Tech.


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looks similar to mine, please take a look and comment
# Apr 15 2014 at 8:54 PM Rating: Decent
1x mirror image
2x arcane missiles
2x mana wyrm
2x frostbolt
2x amani berserker
1x millhouse manastorm
2x sorcerer's apprentice
2x counterspell
2x mirror entity
2x arcane intellect
1x acolyte of pain
2x raging worgen
1x polymorph
2x fireball
1x azure drake
1x blizzard
2x flamestrike
1x archmage antonidas
1x pyroblast

for the removal bait I use secrets and instead of Mukla I got Millhouse from a pack which is also a big spell bait; mine lacks big minions and uses one more aoe and mirror entities to gain board control before the Antonidas play (tipical is: turn6/7 aoe -> two secrets -> Antonidas); I opted for 1x mirror image and 2x missiles because I find them more useful and I basically use the mirrors only for the Antonidas play, still I'm not sure if I will swap to 2x mirrors since they are needed to protect Antonidas in some matchups (charge or big weapons so basically warriors and hunters); also I run a pyroblast as an alternative finisher and acolyte/drake for draw and spell power. What do you think about it?
I was thinking about a craft, maybe Cairne or Ragnaros, Thalnos would be also good and I will probably cut 1x mirror entity and the acolyte. A sidedeck against legendary heavy control decks is one more polymorph for a flamestrike; another swap maybe 1 more azure for a mirror entity, but there are not so many times I've said "if only I had 1 spell damage" since a fireball + hero power kills almost everything up to turn 8 and is only needed when facing giants decks and even in this case they badly need their recovery cards to survive as I'm probably doing anything I want against an empty board in the early game, if I counterspell their lay on hands/siphon soul they are dead and no taunt can save them from a fireball rain.

Today I've seen the Realz mage on the ESGN fight night and it has a different concept running things like frost nova and doomsayer to stall and dig the deck to set the Antonidas combo, very few minions replaced with icelances for more cheap spells/stall and freeze damages which is also cool to deal to the face while turning them into fireballs, core to the deck were 2x iceblock and 2x ice barrier; finally Alexstrasza and a pyroblast.
It can work but I don't like very much the concept, feels like is Alex->Antonidas or nothing; I'd rather deal more early game damages with the 1/2/3 drops and have the option to win even before turn 7/8 and don't depend on Alex->Antonidas; to depend on one specific combo works for decks like miracle rogue but doesn't seem a consistent option for the mage to me (and he admitted he had 5% chances against control warrior), but maybe I'm wrong as he is a pro and I'm just sitting here m... nevermind. Again any thoughts?
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