Diablo III: Clans and Communities

Blizzard gives us a first look at Diablo III's upcoming social features.

Blizzard Entertainment has recently posted a first-look at a new community focused feature coming to the Diablo III expansion; Reaper of Souls. If you and your demon-slaying buddies needed a common place to talk and coordinate, or if you were just looking for a cool social group to chat with, the game's new Clans and Communities feature is sure to make it easy to fight back the forces of darkness with your allies.


Let's first take a look at what Clans are and how you'll be able to use them in Reaper of Souls. If you're familiar with "Guild Systems" in other games, Clans in Diablo III will work in a similar fashion. Clans can be joined or created by anyone and are primarily for groups of people who wish to organize play sessions and tackle similar content together.

Anybody can create or join a clan, however you can only be a part of one clan at a time, so it's important to find one that suits your playstyle or one that you feel comfortable committing to. There is also a cap of 120 players per clan, but the system should be perfect for more focused and organized groups of players.


If you're looking for something a bit more casual and social, then communities are probably right up your alley. Communities are large social groups of players that come together for a number of reasons and support a "nearly unlimited" number of players. Additionally, a player can be in multiple communities at a time, unlike joining a Clan.

Once you've joined either a Clan or Community, you'll be able to use the roster tab to easily view members and look at information such as heroes played, in-game location, rank, Achievement points and inspect their profile.

The addition of Clans and Communities in Diablo III is sure to be one that is well received and make it much easier for players to organize groups. But let us know what you think in the comments below. Are you excited for this feature? If so, tell us why. For more information on Clans And Communities, be sure to check out the full post here. As always, keep it locked to ZAM for more Diablo III news and updates.

See you in game!

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